April 4th, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Now and Then

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Chocolate lab black and white

It’s Wednesday and all over the internet you will find photos with no words of explanation. Why? Because pictures say a thousand words.

She was my first baby. Guess how old she is now?

Chocolate lab puppy


She loves the snow


Loving the snow


Mico in non-toxic pesticide free green grass

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14 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Now and Then”

  1. So cute!!! I want a puppy 😛

  2. I think 4 or 5. She’s beautiful. i was never a dog lover until I had a weak moment and told my family we could adopt a dog. Now Lucy is totally my dog and I joke that she’s my favorite kid because she never talks back or whines at me 🙂

  3. She is so beautiful. J.P’s black lab passed away a few weeks ago. She looks just like Kobe! I bet she is about 10!!! 🙂

  4. So sweet! I was thinking that in the last photo the look on her face reminds me of my black lab Kobe (who is turning 10 this year).

  5. What a beautiful friend you have!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hey Stephanie! Did you see the comment from Marsha? Her dog’s name is Kobe too! Pretty cool doggy name. Mico is 12!

  7. Hi Marsha, I can’t believe what a popular name ‘Kobe’ is for a dog! Mico is 12!

  8. Hi Lynn, puppies are the best! Our friends just got an adorable little puppy. Mico, my dog, is 12! Not a lot of puppy energy in her. She likes to sleep!

  9. Hi Stefanie, Mico is 12! What kind of dog is Lucy? Is she big or small? Dogs are the best at giving unconditional love.

  10. Oh my, what a sweet pup! I just love labs…we have 2. Mico looks so young and sprite! Our chocolate is 8 and getting very grey. The same week my youngest left for college, the Guiding Eyes For the Blind called and said they had a 1 yr-old released dog (most don’t make it through the whole training) for us…how could I say no? So Rio (chocolate) has a brother, Darwin (black). They are inseparable. I highly recommend the Guiding Eyes if anyone is looking to adopt a wonderful puppy or dog: http://www.guidingeyes.org/learning-center/dog-adoption/

  11. Hi Ronnie,

    Mico is very grey around her chin and eyes. It didn’t show up in the photo. She is 12! What great names-Rio and Darwin. Labs are just so sweet. Thank you so much for the Guiding Eyes link. I hope they don’t call because I know I couldn’t resist!

  12. What a sweet girl! We plan to get a rescue Greyhound next year when my youngest turns 5. It took a while after our first dog died, but I think we are finally ready.

  13. She is so sweet Brenna. I know that Greyhounds are in need of good homes. What a great gift you’ll be giving the dog. Sounds like your kids are at good ages for adding a dog to the family!

  14. […] chocolate lab‘s 13th birthday is coming up this month. That’s  91 in dog years. She’s an old […]

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