September 7th, 2012

Why There Were Television Cameras in My Kitchen

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Groovy Green Livin Lori Alper and CBS Producer

This week has been far from ordinary and yesterday was no exception.  The back-to-school transition is challenging for all on so many different levels. I decided that I wanted to complicate my life even more and add to it the launch of  my petition asking Disney to get toxic chemicals out of princess and Spiderman lunch boxes. So let’s just say all ‘you-know-what’ broke loose at once this week. I probably have a few more gray hairs, but I’ve lived to tell the tale.

My kids seem to have pulled through the first week of school and my petition has taken off, with over 46,000 51,000 signatures at last check! And still no word from Disney. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from some pretty incredible people during the past few days who feel strongly that Disney needs to do something to clean up their act. NOW.

Why yesterday was far from ordinary

Around 2 pm yesterday a cameraman (Terry) and producer (Jessi) from CBS Boston pulled up to my house for an interview about the petition. It was amazing. We ended up spending an hour and 1/2 talking about the petition, it’s importance and the amazing outpouring of support from the public. They were also able to catch some footage of my kids getting off of the big yellow school bus.

My 12 year old really wanted no part of the limelight. My 10 and 8 year old boys were pretty into it.

Groovy Green Livin my son and the awesome cameraman

They had so many questions about the camera and microphones. Terry, the cameraman, was incredibly patient and kind and answered approximately 500 questions about his camera equipment.

Groovy Green Livin my son with the cameraman and microphone

The news team asked us to make our school lunches on camera. So all three of my boys made their lunches and snacks in the afternoon, just as they usually do every morning. It was awesome waking up this morning and having lunches already set for the day.

Groovy Green Livin my kitchen with CBS

Jessi, the producer, was fantastic. Her questions were very thought provoking and clear. It was truly a pleasure talking with her.

I have to admit, it’s a bit strange opening up my home for a TV crew. I’ve done it before, but it’s still a bit unsettling. They filmed inside my refrigerator, inside my kitchen and caught my very private hellos and hugs with my children after school.

Now the waiting

It’s always interesting to me that I’m a bit anxious and running on adrenaline during the interview, but I’m always much more anxious waiting for the piece to air. What did I say? I honestly have no recollection. I’m hopeful that I covered most things that I wanted to touch upon and my passion about the petition shinned through. We shall see.

The segment will air sometime next week here in Boston. I’ll post a link once I have it.

If you haven’t signed the petition and would like to learn more about it please CLICK HERE.

Have you ever opened up your home in a very public way?  



36 Responses to “Why There Were Television Cameras in My Kitchen”

  1. We’re so proud of you for not only the petition, but for always putting your heart 100% into what you believe. Oh and deep breath — I’m sure you were great!

  2. You are amazing.

    Love the pictures! Wonder if any of the boys will be requesting a new camera, just like the cameraman’s.

  3. You are a rock star! Your petition deserves to be on TV! Hope it goes viral and on CNN!!

  4. Bravo Lori!!! Big hugs!!

  5. Simply awesome! Way to go Lori!!!!! I’ll be watching CBS every chance I get in hopes of catching the piece live.

  6. Way to shake things up Lori!

  7. Yay! How awesome. I’m sure you did great. (But I know just what you mean…”what on earth did I say?…”)

  8. Rock on Lori. Change the world!!

  9. so cool. Way too go. Keep up the good work. xo

  10. So proud of you! You’re a professional. You, the boys and the kitchen look great

  11. Thanks Lisa! It was a lot of fun. Now I’m just waiting to see the final piece when it airs.

  12. Thanks Francesca!

  13. Thanks Micaela-hopefully Disney will do something about their toxic products!

  14. We are doing it together Anna 🙂

  15. Hey Sarah, I’m sure you had similar interviews with the launch of your books. It’s all a blur at this point 🙂

  16. Thanks Kristina. It’s supposed to air on Thursday during the 11 pm news. I’ll keep you posted.

  17. Thanks Shane. Love your hugs xo

  18. Thanks so much for your support Karen. We are all in this together!

  19. Hey Marsha-if they do they won’t be getting one! It was huge,heavy and VERY expensive.

  20. Thanks so much Amity! I need to take more deep breaths!

  21. Lori, You are the change you want to see in the world. Good. Keep it up.

  22. You are amazing. Way to go. I’m sure you spoke as eloquently and intelligently as always. Can’t wait to see the link.

  23. Very cool! I’m especially amazed at how perfectly spotless your kitchen always is…and I know you do it with non-toxic products!

  24. Thanks so much for your support Donna! So nice to hear from you.

  25. Awwww-thanks Dina! We shall see 🙂

  26. Ha! Anne I was laughing because I kept saying to the reporter and cameraman “please don’t open any cabinets”. My kitchen really isn’t that clean-things were tucked away all over the place.

  27. Yay, Lori! So excited to read this. I have done a bunch of radio interviews and wonder what did I say, how did it sound, because I am usually thinking too fast to consider it at the time. I also felt like I was baring my soul a bit in my books– and that is always pretty scary. But then I think, I’d rather put myself out there and try then to sit by and do or say nothing. Here’s to you speaking up!

  28. It just shows how long it’s been since I’ve caught up on blog reading! WOW! What an amazing experience for you AND for the boys. I’m so impressed with you and all you do, Lori! Those cameras in your home are definitely crazy, but fun, too. 😉

  29. Good for you Lori!!

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  31. Thanks Paige! It was a lot of fun. Now I’m just waiting for the piece to air.

  32. Yes, I’ve missed you Cathy! This time of year is so busy. My kids loved the experience-my 12 year old was in and out. There were lots of things hiding in my cabinets that day.

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