January 4th, 2012

Top 6 Green Apps

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green apps for iPad

There’s no surprise Apple and Android devices were big sellers this holiday season. Apple sold over 7 million iPads during the holidays and that’s not including iPhone’s or iPods.  If you were one of the many who took the technology plunge on Black Friday or any time during the holiday season, there are hundreds of thousands of apps for your every need.  On Christmas day more than 15 million apps were downloaded between 7 and 9 p.m. alone, if you line up all the worlds time zones.

More and more green living apps are popping up to help you minimize your impact on the earth.

Here are six eco-friendly apps to get you started and make your world a little greener.

Seafood Watch

Cost: FREE

The Seafood Watch app allows you to sort seafood by “Best Choice,” “Good Alternative” or “Avoid” rankings. The app also highlights a list of “Super Green” seafood that’s good for you and the oceans. There are additional features like a glossary, links to seafood recipes and news, and other things of interest to all seafood lovers. The app also allows you to share the locations of restaurants and markets where you’ve found sustainable seafood.

Green Fuel

Cost: $1.99

Green Fuel locates alternative fueling stations across the U.S., searchable by location and fuel type. The app provides each station’s address, phone number, gas type, nozzle type and location via Google maps.


Cost: FREE

Looking for the closest farmers market? Or the closest farm selling your favorite produce? Locavore is a great app for those looking for local, in season, organic foods in your area. The app has one-click access to thousands of healthy, seasonal recipes and other information that can be shared with your friends and family.


Cost: FREE

The GoodGuide mobile app makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products, instantly delivering the information you need, when you need it most — in a store and on the go. Scan the barcode of a product and discover information on how green the product is. Very cool app.

Go Green

Cost: FREE

How Green are you? Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem? Get this app and get collectible green tips that are saved to your green list. You get a new green tip each time you visit the app. Your green status also changes as you earn more green tips.


Cost: FREE /version without adds is $2.99

This app empowers food shoppers everywhere to make healthy, informed decisions while at the supermarket. Scan your food and Fooducate generates a letter grade (A, B, C, or D) for each product scanned, along with brief explanations and warnings about its nutrients and ingredients. There is also an option to enter the bar code manually. The app then makes suggestions for healthier alternatives.

Do you have any other green, eco-friendly apps to suggest?

18 Responses to “Top 6 Green Apps”

  1. I love the Good Guide app! I use it all the time on my Android. Not everything is in the database, but enough to make a good choice in the store. I’ll have to try some of the others. Thanks Lori!

  2. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for the app round-up, I did receive an iPad as a gift and was looking for great green apps to add.

  3. I’m excited to try out fooducate–just downloaded it!!!

  4. Hi Kristina-

    Happy New Year! I agree-the GoodGuide app is fantastic. I’ve had the same issue-some things aren’t on there-but there are enough options to help with good choices. Let me know if you check out some of the others.

  5. Hi Jennie-

    Hope you are enjoying our iPad. There are so many incredible apps out there. Glad I could help get you started. Enjoy!

  6. It’s a great app Kathy. You’ll have to let me know how you like it. Their website is also filled packed with helpful information.

  7. thanks, Lori, these are all great! 🙂

  8. thanks for mentioning Fooducate !

  9. Great list! I’m sharing.

  10. Thanks Green Bean!

  11. Great list, I’ll definitely pass these on to my friends (no devices that support apps in my household at the moment).

  12. We love the Good Guide App! There are some great apps out there, however unavailable for the Canadian market (Carbon Tracker for example). Thanks for the list, very curious to try Fooducate!

  13. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

  14. Both GoodGuide and Fooducate are great apps. Enjoy!

  15. […] Groovy Green Living “The Best Green Apps”: This prominent blogger suggests downloading the GoodGuide app to help “minimize your impact on the earth” because it makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products wherever you are. Share this:TwitterFacebookStumbleUponMoreDiggPrintEmailRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in GoodGuide Happenings and tagged good news, goodguide happenings. Bookmark the permalink. ← A Healthy Game Plan […]

  16. I’ve just found it. It’s for last year, but may be useful. Cheers, Erica


  17. Thanks so much for sharing Erica. Really appreciate it.

  18. […] a Locavore fan and written about this app before. If you’re looking for the closest farmers market selling your favorite in season produce […]

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