September 19th, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Try Paddle Board Yoga

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Groovy Green Livin Paddle Board Yoga

Stand up paddle board yoga (or SUP yoga as it’s known to many) is all the rage. As summer transitions to fall here in the northeast I’m trying hard to keep the highlights of summer vacation front and center. One of those highlights was learning to use and ultimately practice yoga on a stand up paddle boards. If you’re new to paddle boarding and paddle board yoga the wheel pose in this photo might look daunting, but with a little practice I promise you it’s not.

What is Paddle Board Yoga?

Paddle board yoga is a combination yoga on a paddle board and yes, you’re in the water. It’s a kick ass core workout since you have to use those ab muscles for balance on top of a paddle board while getting into various yoga poses.

This summer I spent a lot of time paddle boarding and fell in love. The boards we have are very stable and have a cushy mat that makes standing and practicing yoga very comfortable. I know you’re thinking how can you possibly do yoga on a thin paddle board without capsizing? That’s part of the fun. It’s important to let go of the fear that you might and very well could fall in the water. The risk of tipping is always there that’s why holding those ab muscles in is so important for stability.

Here are a few reasons to add stand up paddle board yoga to your “must try’  bucket list.

  1. You’re practicing yoga outside, in the water. Nough said. Really, how cool is that?
  2. It’s for everyone. Honest. From beginners to advanced yoga practitioners there’s a pose for each of us. If you’re not initially comfortable standing on the board you can sit or kneel-perfect segue into cat or cow pose. Over time and once you find your balance standing postures become second nature.
  3. Stand up paddle board yoga encourages the practice of letting go. When you’re practicing yoga on the water there’s little to control. A wave or current could hit at any moment, tossing you into the water. Then comes the realization that there’s no perfect yoga practice and each is unique.
  4. Every pose is a whole new challenge. The muscles you’re used to working on land are still working, but your core has to kick in for stability. Think about lying on the board for shavasana and letting your hands touch the water listening to all the sounds the water has to offer.
  5. If you fall you get wet. It’s easy to get back on the board and try again. Hopefully you’ll be laughing and dripping all in the name of fun.

Have you tried stand up paddle board yoga? Let me know if you have or if you’re up for the challenge.

photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc

9 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons to Try Paddle Board Yoga”

  1. It sounds awesome! I am not sure I am up for the challenge though!

  2. You would love it Marsha!

  3. I thought I’d be black and blue and beyond frustrated and I LOVED it. Helps to have a great teacher, though. The second time I tried it the instructor wasn’t so hot and I didn’t enjoy myself much.

  4. Wow, Lori,
    I love your spirit of adventure! Paddle Board Yoga will have to be added to my growing Bucket List! Thank goodness I have a lifetime to accomplish that one, (hopefully)!
    Deborah Davis recently posted..Do You Talk to Yourself? Why Talking to Yourself May Be Good for Your HealthMy Profile

  5. So glad you loved it Ann. Did you fall in? I can’t wait to try it again next summer. I agree-a fab teacher makes all the difference.

  6. Let me know if you give it a try Deborah! It’s a lot of fun-and an incredible challenge.

  7. Great article! Was wondering if anyone could recommend a SUP designed specifically for yoga? I’m assuming one with a surface similar to a yoga mat would be ideal. But I also slip on my mat when it gets wet and sweaty. Yogitoes should make a towel just a for a SUP! 🙂 Thanks in advance, if you have a suggestion.

  8. Great question Keith. The board I have has a mat/cushion built in. It’s not specifically for yoga, but it’s non-slip. Now I need to remember the brand!

  9. […] paddle board yoga. And lots of it. I started practicing paddle board yoga a few years ago and generally do it a few times over the summer. This summer I’m shooting for […]

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