March 2nd, 2012

Tide, Safe Pots and Pans, Makeup and More

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Every week I’m amazed by the variety of headlines that pass by my desk. This week was no different. Here are a few headlines that caught my attention:

  • There was a lot of buzz surrounding opening day of The Lorax movie. The movie opens today-Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
  • There was also great information on how to avoid artificial flavors in your food.
  • We found out that Walmart will be selling Monsanto GMO corn starting this summer.
  • My friend Anna over at Green Talk started a petition asking the FDA and the EU to institute strict guidelines regarding arsenic in rice. Please take a few seconds to sign Anna’s petition.
  • The beauty of Julianne Moore’s gorgeous clean air gardens (which happen to be right in New York City) helped to ground me and put some perspective on the larger issues facing us these days.

A Few Recipes to Try

Stephanie from Good Girl Gone Green shared an awesome recipe for an  Almond Cup Smoothie. Amy from The Healthy Apple has a fantastic recipe for Arugula Salad with Moroccan Mint Brussels Sprouts ,which is dairy and gluten free. Anything with brussels sprouts catches my attention.

How Safe are Your Pots and Pans?

My ongoing search for non-toxic pots and pans continues.  There are many different types of cookware to choose from, however not all pots and pans are created equal. Some materials used to make pots and pans shouldn’t come in contact with food.  If you are trying to create a greener and cleaner kitchen there are a few types of cookware that should be avoided. Also pay close attention to the safety of your cooking utensils. Continue reading HERE.

Tell Tide to Take the Cancer Causing Chemicals Out of Their Detergent

Last I checked we had 1,882 signatures on our petition asking Tide to remove 1,4-dioxane (a known cancer-causing chemical) out of its detergent! That’s amazing.Thanks to everyone who has taken a few seconds and added their name to the list. If you would like to sign the PETITION please click HERE.

Pin of the Week

Pinterest continues to be my new playground. I’m thrilled to see so many of you have joined me. This week my favorite pin led me to this article on 7 Ways to Clean with Castile Soap. Dr. Bronner’s has been a staple in our house for a long time.


If you’re interested in testing out mineral makeup, don’t forget to enter the great giveaway from Style Essentials. The products are non-toxic, green and without harmful chemicals.

Are you heading to see The Lorax this weekend? Let me know what you think. Have a groovy green weekend!

[Photo used under Creative Commons from NW Newsflash/Flickr]

*There is an affiliate link in this post. Anything purchased through it will put a few pennies in my pocket. Thanks!

20 Responses to “Tide, Safe Pots and Pans, Makeup and More”

  1. Thank you so much for including me; LOVE your website and honored to be featured. Thank you so much; have a great weekend!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! We are getting lots of snow right now so it should be fun playing outside tomorrow.

  3. Thank you, Lori so much for the mention….again!! I appreciate it so much! I want to see the movie so bad! Would it be frowned upon to go while little E is sleeping tonight? I mean she is sleeping- what could possibly happen to her? 🙂 Have a great week-end!

  4. I always get such an education from reading your posts. Thanks So Much!!

  5. Thanks for the link to the Monsanto GMO corn article. I have to admit I was grossed out reading it. It just reaffirms why I have never stepped foot into a Walmart!

  6. I just signed the Tide petition, and wanted to put in a plug for my preferred detergent – Country Save ( I am not affiliated with the company in any way, but this is a great, eco-friendly, dye and fragrance-free product that I’ve used for years, and highly recommend. Also, it comes in a cardboard box, not plastic.

  7. The pots and pan link seems not to be working. (This is a topic which is tricky in my household.)

  8. Thanks for letting me know Sarah. Should be working now.

  9. Thanks for signing the Tide petition Sarah. I really appreciate your support -there are over 32,000 signatures! Hopefully Tide will listen. I haven’t heard of Country Save. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll have to check it out. Love that it comes in a cardboard box!

  10. Hi Joan! That was a pretty creepy article! Walmart certainly crossed the line with this one.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by to read them Alicia. Your support means a lot to me. I love stopping by your blog too.

  12. My pleasure Stephanie! I’m looking forward to trying out your smoothie recipe. Let me know if you ended up seeing the movie 🙂

  13. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too Marsha! Did you end up playing in the snow? We don’t have enough to sled….

  14. I love your site too Amie-so many incredible recipes with gorgeous photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Thanks so much for posting my petition! I can’t believe I missed the ping back. Love all your links. Lots to read.

  16. No dice on the movie. 🙁 In-laws are coming to visit in April, maybe it will still be in theaters! Fingers crossed!

  17. Your mention of non-toxic pots and pans reminded me to say that there is at least upside to the popularity of the highly toxic non-stick variety: when people buy the coated ones they sometimes hold on to their old stainless steel ones, and so I was able to get a free, used pan from a friend’s mom when I mentioned to my friend that I wanted to get away from the non-stick ones. Of course, I’m not happy that her mom is using a toxic pan, but at least I could reuse her old stainless steel one and avoid having to buy a brand new one. There are definitely enough pans in the world already!

    Any idea how to dispose of my old non-stick pan?

  18. I’m guessing you’ll be able to can stream The Lorax by then Stephanie!

  19. That’s an interesting way to look at it Andrea! Reusing old stainless-funny how her mom is giving away the safer pans.

  20. Hi again Andrea, I forgot to answer your question about disposal of old non-stick pans. Here is a link to Earth911

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