November 29th, 2011

Thank You

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Thank you in sign

Do you practice gratitude every day? I wish I did, but I don’t. Most days fly by and if ‘practicing gratitude’ wasn’t on my to-do list, it didn’t happen. Then there are those rare days where I’m able to find a few extra moments, with no distractions, to think about all that I’m grateful for.

My time off over Thanksgiving was a great gift. In between eating too much turkey and having a great time with my family I was able to find a few minutes to think about all that I’m grateful for.

Here are a few of the things I’m most thankful for:

My running shoes. They allow me to easily explore new places when I’m on vacation. I used them over Thanksgiving to run over for a visit with my bloggy friend, Micaela from Mindful Momma, in Madison, Wisconsin (no, I didn’t run to Madison from Boston)!

running shoes

My laptop. It allows me to connect with amazing people from all over the world and find work that’s inspiring and fulfilling.

laptop love

My dog.

My dog

















My family of Red Sox fanatics and extended family of Badger and Packer fans.

My boys













My sponsors and clients. Their support allows me to continue to do what I love to do. If you jumped ship on Black Friday and are still in the market for deals on eco-friendly, non-toxic and green holiday gifts check out some of my sponsors over to the right———>

Change makers. I am thankful for all of the bloggers and non-profits like Healthy Child Healthy World who are working together to protect our children and families from harmful chemicals.

My readers. I am grateful for each and every reader of this site. You have given me encouragement, advice and support that makes this site work. Whether you have left a comment, sent an email or just read the articles, you have helped to make a difference.

And for all of the above I say THANK YOU.

What are you thankful for? Do you find the time to practice gratitude?

[Top photo used under Creative Commons from Adi Respati/Flickr]

10 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Thank you for caring so much about the planet; thank you for caring about what is in our everyday products; thank you for being a wonderful, eco-conscious and beautiful woman! 🙂

  2. Thank you Stephanie for being so supportive and part of an incredible eco-conscious community. YOU are an amazing, beautiful, caring and sincere woman! Thanks for all you do.

  3. I try to practice gratitude but don’t do it as much as I wish I would. So this is silly, but the other day as I was scooping up loads (and loads) of dog poo in the backyard I said out loud that I was grateful for my dogs, because sometimes being grateful makes things that you don’t want to do seem easier. (I was also grateful that none of my neighbors heard me!)

    Thank you for all of the great information you provide. I appreciate the way you present things. And that because of that I feel like I can make small changes and they will make a difference.

  4. What a thoughtful post Lori! I love that your running shoes are at the top of the list of things you are grateful for!
    It was so great to see you in Madison. I am grateful for our friendship!:)

  5. Thanks Micaela! It was wonderful to see you in Madison. I am so grateful for our friendship!!

  6. That is not silly Marsha-hilarious, but not silly!! I think that is so true -the more grateful you are the easier the task becomes.

    You are so welcome. I can’t thank you enough for being such a loyal supporter of this site. I smile every time I see a comment from you! Thank YOU.

  7. Like you, I don’t take time every day to reflect on the things I am grateful for. I take my heated home, full pantry, good health, and physical ability for granted, that’s for sure! Luckily my cats remind me to stop and think about this stuff, especially when I’m upset at some silly little thing, and I look at them, and they seem perfectly content with the universe, just as it is. That hits the reset button in my head, and my mood and attitude adjust themselves… and I feel grateful to have the cats!

  8. Hi Andrea! It’s amazing how good animals are at reminding us to live in the moment. We are so lucky to have them around!

  9. What a great thank you post! I am thankful that you left the legal eagle world that i am still in, and started this informative blog. Keep it up and great wishes to you for another great year of posts!

  10. Thanks Tiffany for all of your constant support. I feel very grateful that our paths have crossed. You are doing so much more then practicing law-look at the empire you’ve created with your sons! You are amazing.

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