December 12th, 2012

It’s a Monopoly Kind of Month

Groovy Green Livin Monopoly


It’s official. We have a Monopoly obsession. It began about a month ago and I can’t remember what triggered it. Our game closet in the basement is packed with board games and has been for years. Most of the games only see the light of day on a rare occasion. Finally Monopoly is getting some use.


Groovy Green Livin Monopoly and Board Games

Now my three boys can’t get enough Monopoly. I’m not complaining. Have you played Monopoly? The game goes on and on for days on end. I’ve joined in a few times, but for the most part they are on autopilot without me.

Groovy Green Livin Monopoly


They’ve even made their own money and cards to add a new twist to the game.


Groovy Green Livin Monopoly Money


How long do you think this will last? No begging for electronics, not much fighting-it feels surreal.

Yesterday we branched out into checkers.


Groovy Green Livin checkers


They pleaded for chess, but that didn’t happen since I’m a novice at best.


Groovy Green Livin chess


Whatever triggered this preoccupation with Monopoly I owe you a big thank you.

What are some of your favorite board games?

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July 5th, 2012

5 Screen-Free Activities for Rainy Days

5 screen-free activities for rainy days Groovy Green Livin

The weather has been strange over the past few days. Intense thunderstorms hit for a few hours and then the sun decides to shine for the rest of the day. During the rainy hours it’s a given that my three boys will beg for screen time and electronics. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to say no.

The times I stick to my guns and say “no screen time right now” the kids seem to rally and use their creative juices to come up with some pretty fantastic alternatives. The next time a rainy day strikes try one of these activities to help keep boredom and begging for electronics at bay.

Toilet paper tubes marble run

Wondering what to do with those old toilet paper tubes? Save them and reuse them! On a rainy day pull out the bag of tubes and let your kids go crazy. We use masking tape to hold them together. The last marble run went down the stairs and around the family room. After using marbles gets old try using Match Box cars racing down the tubes.

Camp indoors-build a fort

It’s amazing what kids can do with a few blankets, sheets and towels. This never seems to get old even as my kids age. After the fort is constructed hand out a few flashlights and let the fun continue. We also have a pop-up tent that has served us well over the years. The kids love to set it up inside with blankets and pillows and other camping gear.

Talent show

Creating a talent show has been a favorite this summer. The kids make up a dance routine and practice over and over until their dance moves have been perfected. The prep work doesn’t end with the dance routines-they also make tickets, serve refreshments and have their very own MC and DJ. The best part-the adults don’t have to come up with their own routine. We were only asked to dance with the cast members in the finale.

Read together

My boys are 11, 10 and 8 and rain or shine we still like to spend time reading together. We don’t read aloud as much as we used to and most of the board books have been tucked away, but we still manage to find space and read quietly together. I hope this tradition will be around for a long time.

Bake cookies

Nothing helps a rainy day pass by like a batch of chocolate-chip cookies. Baking together encourages team-work and independence. My boys love to cook. They make eggs, french toast, pancakes and muffins. All three are pretty self-sufficient and really do most of the cooking on their own. I’m only needed for supervision and an occasional question, but I get to enjoy the final product!

How do you spend rainy days?

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