May 18th, 2016

11 Green Websites You Should Know About

11 Green Websites You Should Know About

My work day begins most days with a quick read through my news feed and a giant cup of tea. When it comes to hot off the press green or eco news I have a few go-to websites that I generally turn to for all the important information.  I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything so I recently reached out to many of my trusted blogger friends in the green blogosphere to see what websites they turn to for everything green. No surprise, they had some fabulous suggestions!

Here are a few suggestions for websites covering everything green 

Food Tank

Food Tank is a website that runs on the premise that our food system is broken. The site focuses on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. They spotlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty and create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for food system change.

Robyn O’Brien

Robyn shares a wealth of information concerning our broken food system and the need for GMO labeling. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Robyn’s work she’s a former financial and food industry analyst, who has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York Times and Bloomberg. She triggered an allergic reaction in the food industry when she asked: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?”

Climate Nexus

Climate Nexus is a site dedicated to highlighting the wide-ranging impacts of climate change and clean energy solutions in the United States. They believe that the human cost of climate change is too great to ignore. They work closely with NGOs, institutions, and other key influencers on climate change and energy issues to raise awareness, dispel misinformation, and showcase solutions in the U.S.

Environmental Health News

Environmental Health News is an independent, foundation-funded news organization that reports and publishes news stories on environmental topics. They cover stories about health, water, children, food and more.


TreeHugger is a sustainability site which strives to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. Their topics vary from week to week and include stories about cutting-edge green information. I’ve been following them for many years and am impressed by their ability to churn out multiple stories on a daily basis.

Civil Eats

Civil Eats provides daily news and commentary about the American food system. The site brings together over 100 contributors who discuss sustainable agriculture.


Grist is a site that makes me laugh out loud several times a day. With their catchy (and sometimes shocking) post titles, they end up making me chuckle and want to read more. They’re an online news organization that uses humor to interpret green issues & inspire environmental action. They cover climate, energy, food, cities, politics, business, green living, and the occasional adorable baby animal.


Ecowatch is relatively new to the green scene and has quickly become a  leading website reporting on environmental news, green living, sustainable business, science and politics. The site works hard to unite all shades of green to ensure the health and longevity of our planet. I’ve been following Ecowatch and often share their information. I admire how they use their platform to share environmental news and encourage individuals to take action.


FairWarning is a nonprofit investigative news organization that focuses on public health, safety and environmental news, and related topics of government and business accountability.

Since 1991, GreenBiz has chronicled, and been a catalyst for thought leadership in aligning environmental responsibility with profitable business practices. They cover topics such as sustainability, energy, buildings, supply chain, water, transportation, and cities.

The Guardian (UK)

The Guardian (UK) edition is more of a general news source, but many times will focus on green or eco news. I scan through it daily to see if there’s anything relevant. Many times there is something green or eco that’s of interest.

Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media Sites

Twitter, Facebook  and other social media channels are a great first step when looking for breaking green and eco news. My first stop is my news feed on Twitter and then a quick scroll through my business page feed on Facebook for all that’s happening in the green and eco worlds. It’s a nice way to get a sampling from many different sources.

Thank you to Diane from Big Green Purse, Jen from Jen and Joey Go Green, Ronnie from Econesting, Erin from ElyOrganics, Betsy from Eco Novice , Kristi from Savvy Women’s Alliance, Leigh Ann from Green4U, Anna from Green Talk and Amity from Green Child Magazine for sharing their trusted green and eco resources.

What are some of your top websites for green and eco news?

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June 13th, 2014

On Father’s Day: Green Lessons Learned

Groovy Green Livin Father's Day

Father’s Day. A time for honoring fathers, celebrating fatherhood and recognizing the influence of fathers in our society.

This Father’s Day I celebrate all the fathers in my life. Those here now and those no longer with us.

Born in Queens, New York I was destined to be a city girl. When I was about 5 my family picked up and moved to Madison, Wisconsin. Just like that, this city girl was plopped in the country. I was not happy. And now I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One childhood memory stands out. When I was growing up in Madison we joined a community garden. At the time I was so angry at my father for making us do this. My valuable time as a tween was spent lugging milk containers filled with water from our home to this garden. At a very young age I had a chance to connect with the food we were eating and the opportunity to eat seasonal, fresh, organic food that came from our very own garden. Thanks to my father I try very hard to instill that same connection with my own children, whether it’s through a CSA, farmer’s market or gardening. I’m not always successful, but good intentions are always there.

In honor of Father’s Day I asked a few bloggers to share their thoughts on any ‘green’ lessons (or not so ‘green’ lessons) learned from a father figure in their life.  

Here’s what they had to say:

My father taught me not necessarily about the art of living green, but about the art of living simply. He is a man who does not need much to be happy. No flashy car, fancy clothes, or other materialistic item can light up his face. All he needs in life are his wife, his daughter, and now his grandsons. What a fabulous lesson about what is really important.

~Jessica, Eat Sleep Be

My dad, Bob, he’s always been “green” so to speak. In fact, he’s the first person who ever told me to not use bottles with BPA and I thought he was crazy at the time. What did my dad know about bottles and BPA!? Well, father knows best and I’m glad I listened to him. He’s the man who shared with me how to garden, cook and not waste food. When I didn’t like to go into the woods or be outside because I was too girly, he encouraged me and took my sister and me out hunting, four wheeling and fishing. I might not have enjoyed all of it back then but now I appreciate what he did for me and I’m thankful. He’s really a great dad and so many of his attributes have rubbed off on me and helped make me who I am today.

~Sommer, Green and Clean Mom

While I had an abundance of fresh produce around growing up in tropical South Africa, I never had the experience of growing my own fruits and vegetables other than my grandfather’s mini farm. He lived in a small town called Ladysmith 3.5 hours away from me and he had a decent amount of land where he grew things like carrots, cabbage, plums, peaches, and he even had a grape vine. I recall him yanking a huge carrot out of the ground, rinsing the soil out under the faucet and giving to me to eat. My grandmother was fussy about eating it right there, but he kept watch for her as I munched on it. I don’t think anything tasted better than that carrot or anything that grew on that land. I’ve always been determined to grow something and each year I try with our veggie garden and each year I learn to do it better. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the miracle of seeing food come out of the ground.

~Niri, Mommy Niri 

My father instilled a very strong work ethic in me. He taught me to stick to my values and not be afraid to go out on a limb for what I believed in. From him I learned that hard work pays off and that loving your job makes all the difference!

~Micaela, MindfulMomma

What’s your favorite Father’s Day lesson?

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January 16th, 2014

Green Your Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps (VIDEO)

Groovy Green Livin Kitchen

It’s time for my newest video, Green Your Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps! This is the fifth and final video in a series of videos filmed during my trip to New York City and  produced by the amazing team over at Manilla.  Each video covers some of  the many ways we can all lead a greener life. If you missed the first video, 5 Simple Steps to a Greener Life, you can find it HERE. There’s also Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips and 5 Ways to Go Green and Save Green. The fourth video is The Benefits of Going Green.

The kitchen is the central location in the home. Families meet there to eat, chat, and hang out. But it’s also the room that produces the largest amount of waste. Green your kitchen by following these easy steps.

1. Replace kitchen cooking utensils with eco-friendly alternatives

As your utensils get old and warn out, choose greener options, like stainless steel and wood to replace them. But before you go tossing out your silverware drawer, remember that the greenest thing you can do is to use what you already have and replace the old only when needed.

2. Choose healthy pots and pans

Non-stick pots and pans are coated with Teflon. When used at high temperatures, Teflon can emit toxic fumes that can kill pet birds and cause people to develop flu-like symptoms. To avoid this—and other potential health risks—choose cast iron or stainless steel options.

3. Use reusable napkins

Think of all the paper you are tossing out after each meal. If a five-person family eats just one meal a day at home using paper or disposable napkins, they are using 1,825 paper napkins per year. Switching to reusable napkins is a simple change that will have a big impact.

4. Invest in non-toxic cleaning products

Our food comes in contact with counters and other surfaces in the kitchen. Using non-toxic cleaning products to clean those surfaces is very important. Try to find brands that don’t contain harsh chemicals or try making your own from baking soda, vinegar and other non-toxic ingredients.

How have you added a little green to your kitchen?

Disclosure: Please know that if you make a purchase using a link on this page, I may earn a commission and I am very grateful for your support of this site. Thank you. (Read all the fine print here.)

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November 30th, 2012

Groovy Green Weekend Updates

Groovy Green Livin weekend updates

The week flew by leaving me with a few Groovy Green things to share. After taking time off for Thanksgiving I spent most of the week playing catch-up. While I was responding to emails and writing a few things came across my desk that I thought worthy of sharing.

Your couch is toxic

On Wednesday a startling new study came out in Environmental Science and Technology, showing that couches across America contain high levels of toxic chemicals. Great coverage of the study can be seen on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. The study found that 85% of couches tested contained toxic or untested flame-retardants. And the newer the couch, the more likely they were to contain toxic chemicals. The use of flame-retardants has increased over the years and now over 94% of new couches contain one or more of these toxic chemicals. Not good.

What can you do?

That’s the 20 million dollar question! The bottom line is we need better laws to prevent this from happening. We need the Safe Chemicals Act to pass. Take action today and join the movement today to help limit the use of toxic chemicals in our couches and other consumer products.

Opinionated friends rock!

Big thank you goes out to my friend Mary from In Women We Trust (IWWT) for putting together a fantastic list showing how some of the speakers on IWWT “speak out regularly to keep pushing the culture into a green and socially sustainable direction.” Seeing it on paper really gave me perspective and reaffirmed that we are all doing something pretty spectacular. Thank you Mary for including me on your list.

Sponsor love

As the holidays come knocking on our doors I want to give a big shout out to a few of my wonderful sponsors whose long-term support help keep this blog rolling. Please take a minute to check out their sites and share some love. Maybe you’ll even find something special for the holidays.

  • Mightynest-Shop for a stylish, eco-friendly and non-toxic home. Super products on this site! They’re offering free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Essential Safe Products-Offering 20% off of all products right now with free shipping on orders over $100. ESP is a place where you can find non-toxic and safe products, and also great tips and information to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Abe’s Market-Offering free shipping through the end of the year. Abe’s Market sells natural, organic and eco-friendly products.
  • The Organic Mattress-With a brand new online store, this little gem of a shop offers organic mattresses, bedding (even for baby) and more.
  • BagInspiration-It’s  your one-stop shop for stylish and trendy eco friendly bags of all types
  • Starlight Creatives-The most delicious, hand-decorated cookies. I dare you to try to eat just one.

There you have it. Have a groovy green weekend y’all.

Any spectacular plans?

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October 5th, 2012

Surprises this Week and Other Odds and Ends

Groovy Green Livin this week's Pumpkin

This week was full of surprises-good surprises. Part of what I truly love about this job is that I rarely have any idea what each day will bring. I can plan and organize as much as I want, but sometimes that inbox has something else in mind for me. And I like it that way. The down side of the surprise element is that I sometimes don’t get as much accomplished as I would like during the day. This was one of those weeks where I was off-track, but somehow landed back on. Here are a few of the highlights.

Disney Petition Update

This week  I want to send a shout out to a few of  the incredible supporters of my Disney petition.

At last check 57,716 of you had signed the petition asking Disney to remove toxic chemicals from their Spiderman and princess lunch boxes. THANK YOU.

If you haven’t signed the petition and would like to please click HERE.

Selected for Global Team of 200

I’m honored to have been selected by Mom Bloggers for Social Good as part of their Global Team of 200. According to Mom Bloggers for Social Good:

The Global Team of 200 is a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

Over the year I will be writing and sharing some pretty cool initiatives all in the name of social good. Stay tuned.

Named Top Green Influencer

Thank you to Factory Direct Promos for naming me (along with many other familiar names and faces) to their list of Top Green Online Influencers for 2012. I’m honored to be in such good company.

Go Green this Halloween with a Costume Swap on October 13th

Time to put a little green into our Halloween. There’s a way to make this Halloween eek-o-friendly by participating in a National Costume DayTM swap. Again this year Green HalloweenKiwi Magazine and have partnered together to promote National Costume Day TM Swap on October 13, 2012. There will be costume swaps taking place all over the country. Check to see if there’s one near you!

I hope your week was filled with wonderful surprises. Have a groovy green weekend.

Here in Massachusetts we have a three day weekend. Woot! Any big plans in your neck of the woods?

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August 30th, 2012

Five Tips to Green Your Barbeque

 Groovy Green Livin Organic Vegetables on the grill

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer and this year it’s bittersweet. Over the past few weeks our summer groove has finally fallen into place and I’m not ready to let it go. I admit there’s a slight craving for a routine-normal bedtimes, some sort of schedule and consistency. But I’m still not ready. Thankfully we have a few days and a few BBQ’s planned before school kicks in. If you’re planning to head to or host a barbeque this Labor Day (or any other day) there are a few simple ways to make it eco-friendly.

1. Green your grilling

As delicious as grilling is, research has shown that cancer-causing compounds are formed when meat, poultry or fish are cooked at high heat. Try cooking your food at low temperatures, flip it frequently and don’t leave it on the grill longer than necessary. While grilling your food make sure to use green accessories to help you create a delicious and safe meal.

2. Reusables instead of disposables

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces about 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day, or a total of 29 pounds (13 kg) per week and 1,600 pounds (726 kg) a year. That’s a lot of trash. BBQ’s are know for their abundance of paper products and plastic utensils. How about mixing it up a bit this year and adding in a few reusable products in place of those single-use plastic and paper products? Using reusable cloth napkins, stainless steel flatware, reusable plates or even stainless steel straws would be a simple way to make a big impact.

3. Non-toxic bug repellent

The bugs can be fierce this time of year. DEET bug repellents can be toxic if we apply too much and leave it on our skin too long. Thankfully there are a quite a few bug repellents out there that are DEET-free. There are even plants that can be strategically placed around your yard that act as natural bug repellents. Our DEET-free bug repellent of choice this summer is Buzzaway.

4. Recycle bottles and cans

I cringe at the number of bottles and cans tossed into the trash at a barbeque. If you are hosting the party take the time to set up a extra bin or two for recyclables.  If you’re headed to a BBQ and there’s no recycle container you might just have to carry it home.

5. Use fresh, seasonal and local food

  • Safe for you-Grill and prepare organic and hormone-free meat, poultry and wild fish whenever possible.
  • Safe for the planet-Buy local food whenever possible. When the food is locally grown or produced it doesn’t need to travel far to reach you-which means less fuel is needed to transport.

Looking for something delicious to  bring to your barbeque this year?

My friend Amie over at The Healthy Apple has a spectacular recipe for your Labor Day BBQ. It’s a gluten-free twist on a traditional pasta salad and one that you won’t want to miss: sweet orange n’ grape pasta salad. This lovely recipe has no added sugar, no processed dressings and takes about 20 minutes to whip up. Hope on over to The Healthy Apple to check it out and while you’re there make sure to spend some time reading about Amie’s awesome approach to clean eating.

How are you spending Labor Day weekend? Any BBQ’s in your future?

Vegetable kebab. | Stock Photo © jura13 #2494373

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August 27th, 2012

{Review and Giveaway} How to Have a Paperless Kitchen

Groovy Green Livin boy washing dishes

A challenging piece of my ongoing green journey has been to reduce the amount of paper used in my home. Let’s just say upfront that I draw the line at toilet paper. There will be no reusable toilet paper in my house. Ever.

I have the reusable napkin piece down. We have a drawer in the kitchen dedicated to all different designs and sizes of reusable napkins.

The paper towel switch to reusables has been a bit more challenging.   Thanks to our dog and three young boys we are constantly in need of something to clean up the messy trail left behind.

Paperless KitchenGroovy Green Livin Paperless Kitchen logo

Now there’s a one-stop shop for paper towel alternatives and green kitchen products: Paperless Kitchen. The founder of Paperless Kitchen, Sachin, grew up in a household obsessed with paper towels and was shocked by how easily as a culture we become used to using something once and throwing it away. The company was formed to help all of us adopt greener lifestyles by offering alternatives to single-use kitchen paper products. Here are a few of the products that Paperless Kitchen offers-

Groovy Green Livin Skoy ClothSkoy cloth

I have been testing out SKOY cloths from Paperless Kitchen over the past few weeks. The cloth is great for everything from wiping the table to cleaning up dog disasters.  The SKOY cloth is a European created product which is completely 100% biodegradable. Using one SKOY cloth is equal to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average house.  My only complaint is I wish the cloth came in a variety of sizes. 


Groovy Green Livin PeopletowelsI have been a fan of PeopleTowels for a long time and thanks to the generosity of Paperless Kitchen I now have my very own. They are reusable personal hand towels and are a fantastic alternative to paper towels. Made of 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton, they are an easy way to go green, save trees, reduce landfill waste, cut CO2 emissions and conserve water. An added bonus: there are so many adorable designs to choose from.


Paperless Kitchen is generously offering the Paperless Kitchen Starter Kit to one Groovy Green Livin reader. This kit is valued at $130 and includes:

You can also connect with Paperless Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter. By entering your name and other information you acknowledge that you have read and are agreeing to our Official Rules.

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Disclosure: Paperless Kitchen generously sent me SKOY clothes and PeopleTowels to try out. The opinions are my very own.


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