December 10th, 2015

Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List

Gift Guide Pet Lover Groovy Green Livin

Almost everyone has a pet lover in their life. Here are a few unique gifts for them to enjoy this holiday season and beyond!


Port A Bowl Collapsible Travel Dog Food Bowl and Water Bowl ($5)

Green Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List Groovy Green LivinWhen our dog was alive we used this all the time. It was perfect for hikes and traveling. The bowl is collapsible and tucks easily into a backpack, pocket, or purse and provides an easy way to give your dog food and water while on the go.


Naptime with Theo and Beau($11)

Green Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List Groovy Green LivinIf you haven’t seen this you must. It’s such an adorable read. It all started when a loving mother posted a few pictures of her son, Beau, and their new puppy, Theo, napping together on her popular blog Momma’s Gone City.


Dog Love Mug($17)

Green Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List Groovy Green LivinThis bright, fun and funky mug is hand painted stoneware that’s dishwasher safe. Perfect for the dog lover in your life.


Black & White Cat Coffee Ceramic Mugs  ($30)

Green Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List Groovy Green Livin

Calling all cat lovers! These mugs are for you. The mugs are a perfect size to hold warm beverages on a cold winter night. I love the design. This set comes with two mugs.


Poof – Dog Waste Bag ($18)

Green Gift Guide for That Pet Lover on Your List Groovy Green LivinBrace yourself for this one!Poof is a reusable dog bag. It’s a 16 inch diameter coated nylon round double sided dog waste sack. Using the bag allows you to take your dog’s waste to a toilet bowl so it can be treated in the sewer plant. Poof is simple to use, simple to carry and simple to clean. I have to agree, this is the most environmentally friendly option on the market. It’s not for everyone!


Stephen Huneck – Love Is Give and Take – Indoor Welcome Mat($30)

Stephen Huneck is one of my favorite dog artists. His art is bright and whimsical and many times very funny. This indoor 27″ x 18″ welcome mat is a perfect addition to a dog lovers home.


Any other ideas for the pet lovers in your life?

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December 19th, 2012

What Dogs Teach Us About Living in the Moment

Groovy green Livin Dog

This past week our family went from a 1 dog family to a 2 dog family. It’s only temporary. We are dog sitting for our dear friends labradoodle puppy for a few weeks while they are on vacation. Our 13 year old chocolate lab’s world has been rocked. If only I could explain to her that this lovable, playful, excitable dog will go back to her own home in a few weeks time.

Dogs are known (as well as many other animals) for bringing us so much joy. They are filled with unconditional love, not only when things are going well, but also when we feel pain and are suffering. This little labradoodle couldn’t have come at a better time for a visit. While all the tragedy and heartbreak is going on in the world around us, both dogs (as far as I can tell) know nothing of it and continue to live in the moment.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned from the dogs this week:

  • When someone is having a difficult day sit close by and let them know you’re there. No words needed.
  • Live in the moment. Work hard to be grateful for every moment and appreciate all that you have.
  • Don’t take anything for granted.
  • Greet everyone as though you haven’t seen them in years.
  • Make everyday exciting and new.
  • Be who you are.
  • Take the time to play.
  • Forgive and let go of grudges.

Dogs love ice cream as much as we do.

Groovy Green Livin Dogs and Ice Cream

 Just that look is enough to make you smile.

Groovy Green Livin Puppy Dog

 What a gift this puppy has been for all of us.

Groovy Green Livin Puppy Dog Yawn

 In what ways do your pets show you how to live in the moment?

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April 25th, 2011

Natural Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets

Groovy Green Livin Flea

If you are a dog or cat lover you know that protecting your animals from fleas and ticks is high on the list for responsible pet care. In the northeast and other parts of the country ticks can run rampant, so keeping them off pets is essential.

In August our chocolate lab, Mico, will be 12 years old.  That’s 84 in dog years. She’s no spring chicken, but she can still swim for hours and run a few laps with the young pups in the neighborhood.  During the winter months there’s no need to use flea or tick prevention-the ticks and fleas are hibernating. But now that spring has sprung they are back in action and prevention is key to keep them away from your pets and out of your home.

Toxic chemicals in conventional flea and tick control products

There are many different brands of conventional flea and tick control products on the market. Most contain toxic chemicals that can poison pets and harm people. Some of the chemicals are linked to cancer, allergies and asthma and are suspected endocrine disruptors. Pregnant women and small children are especially at risk.

For all almost 12 years of her life we have doused poor Mico in K-9 Advantix or Frontline (depending upon the vets recommendation). The Natural Defense Resource Council (NRDC) put together a handy list of flea and tick products, listing which chemicals are in each and assessing the chemicals’ toxicity. Take a look at Greenpaws Flea and Tick Product Guide to see if the product you’re using is considered  toxic. K-9 Advantix and Frontline both fell between the “use sparingly” and “avoid use” categories.  Both are pretty toxic and don’t belong on Mico.

The bottom line: Don’t use spot treatments such as K-9 Avantix and Frontline which tend to be very concentrated and, according to new studies, may pose a hazard to pets and humans.

dog in green grassNatural solutions for flea and tick prevention

Regular combing with a flea comb, bathing and vacuuming can reduce and control fleas.

Keep your pets out of areas where ticks are prevalent –long grass and trees.  This is a tough one for us since we are surrounded by woods and we love to walk Mico off road.

There are many natural options to repel ticks. Here are a few to try:

  • Brewers yeast Brewer’s yeast works by making the dog’s blood too acidic for bugs’ taste.
  • Apple cider vinegar– Add no more than 2 tbsp. into a large bowl of water. Or make a spray of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water and spray onto your dog’s coat. Make sure you don’t spray in his/her eyes.
  • Citrus rub– Cut a lemon into quarters. Put it into a jar and cover with boiling water. Let it steep overnight and put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray on your pet and rub in.
  • Garlic-I’ve ready conflicting studies on the safety of garlic for dogs and cats. It seems clear that when large quantities of garlic are consumed by dogs it could lead to anemia and/or death.  I’m going to stay away from garlic for the time being.
  • There are also many all natural products on the market. When purchasing be careful to read through the ingredient list.  Many of the “natural” products I came across did contain toxic chemicals. One product that looks promising is Ticked Off! ,which contains southern red cedar oil -another chemical-free, safe way to control fleas, ticks and other bugs.

When we buy flea and tick control products we make an assumption that they’re safe. However, the EPA isn’t like the FDA and they don’t require pet products to undergo field trials prior to approval. We need to let the EPA know that we do care what goes onto our pets and these toxic products shouldn’t be on the market.

Do you have any other natural remedies to share for flea and tick prevention?


Please consult with your veterinarian before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested in this article. Only your Veterinarian can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your pet’s unique needs or diagnose your pet’s particular medical history.


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