September 30th, 2015

Introducing Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks

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Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks Groovy Green Livin

I’m honored to work closely with Stonyfield as a brand ambassador. Part of my job is to share with you new products as they’re about to  hit the shelves in your grocery store. Enjoy!

Stonyfield is venturing beyond the dairy aisle and now makes organic fruit snacks! Their new organic fruit snacks are just making their way onto store shelves. I was lucky enough to have several samples sent my way to try out.

Introducing Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks Groovy Green Livin

They come in two flavors: Mixed Berry and Strawberry and they’re shaped like little cows!

These new organic fruit snacks are made with real fruit and vegetables, have no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and contain 100% of the daily dose of Vitamin C.

Here’s what the ingredient list looks like so you can decide whether or not these belong in your pantry.

Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks Groovy Green Livin

I have to admit that I don’t generally buy sweet snacks for my kids. I try really hard to provide sugar free, healthy snack options after school. But I have my stash and every once in a while we indulge and they’re gobbled up quickly.

It’s nice to know that there’s an organic fruit snack option out there without added artificial ingredients. Each box comes with 6 pouches and each pouch contains 11 little cows. One pouch contains 70 calories, 40 milligrams of sodium, 17 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of sugar and zero fat. An added bonus: I can pronounce every ingredient on the label! One pouch is a perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Last night we did a taste test with the Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks. I had all three boys close their eyes and taste the two different flavors. One loved the mixed berry and the other two opted for the strawberry. I decided I’m a strawberry fan. Good thing we have plenty of each!

If you’re wondering whether these snack packs have made their way into your neck of the woods use the Store Locator to find out. I checked and they’re not yet available in the markets near my home.

Are you excited to try these out?

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Stonyfield Organics. I am compensated and receive product samples. All opinions are always my own. 

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9 Responses to “Introducing Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks”

  1. I have a major sweet tooth and find a small fruit snack can help me not overdo it. I’ll have to check this out.
    Lisa Sharp recently posted..7 Ways to Prepare Early for a Stress-Free HolidayMy Profile

  2. It’s nice that there are only 11 cows/pouch! Portion control 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Nice. First time visiting your blog and I’m reaching out to other Green Living bloggers. I’m into living green and am building a new blog to talk about it. Also reaching out to other Green Living/health bloggers so stopping by to say hi. Have a great week.

    Barbara Charles

  4. Really appreciate the focus to keep the ingredients simple and clear of artificial flavors, colors, etc. It’s getting harder and harder to find products like this!

  5. They are hard to find Norman. That’s why it’s so important to read labels. Better to be an informed consumer.

  6. Will check store locator for this one. Thanks for sharing your experience or review about it.
    Ron recently posted..Four Things You Do That Ruin Your Small Space, #2 Is Very TrueMy Profile

  7. I’m sorry but I just tried these and it was one of the worst tasting foods I have ever eaten, and I have eaten a lot of gross stuff. Gave them to some co-workers as well and one almost threw up. For some reason it taste like fish slime. Something must be missing from the ingredients on the label, I’m going to say tilapia, which is used to make some gelatins.

  8. I’m sorry you had a bad experience Bob. As with any food, not everyone is going to like them. I’ve had them several times and didn’t mind the flavor.

  9. Bob – I guarantee you ate the Horizon fruit snacks (they use Omega 3 oil) and not Stonyfield. Google Horizon and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Stonyfield does not taste like fish like the Horizon products do. Just wanted to make sure you’re aware.

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