April 1st, 2011

Spring isn’t looking so green

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Spring isn't looking so green
Spring in New England isn’t looking so green. Well it was yesterday. But today’s a whole different ball game. This is what I see outside my back door. Yeah-I know it’s beautiful.  But I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had a similar view outside the back door (way too many for one winter).

I’m talking snow isn't so greenabout the green that refers to the color of the grass, leaves and plants as they start to blossom. It’s April 1st and Mother Nature has played a nasty trick on us. Spring has technically begun, however I’m surrounded by about 5 inches of brand new white stuff.

As much as I love winter, I’ve checked out. The gloves, hats and boots are done; packed away for next year.

The optimist in me remains hopeful. I know that warmer weather is coming.

Anyone else have an April Fools storm? Those of you in the sunshine please send a dose to the Boston area (via FedEx).

Have yourselves a Groovy Green weekend!

5 Responses to “Spring isn’t looking so green”

  1. I’m just glad we didn’t get so much snow that I couldn’t make it to the outdoor compost bins! We relied on our in-garage worm bin almost all winter, since we couldn’t reach the outside bins, and all the citrus rinds WAY overwhelmed the worms.

  2. Ah!! This winter has been too long, and hard… We still have a 4 foot pile in our backyard (well maybe 3 foot now), since the melt is finally on! I think I would die if another big storm hit, I am so DONE with winter. Bring on SPRING!

  3. Today is finally feeling more like spring! I can’t believe you still have a huge pile of snow-maybe after today it will melt? I’m with you Sherry -bring on SPRING!!

  4. No not green, but still very beautful. All we get is rain 🙁

  5. The snow is beautiful John. But we have had so much! I guess it is better than rain 🙂

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