May 2nd, 2011

Spring Cleanse

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spring cleanse


Spring is a time for starting fresh; spring flowers are in full bloom and the air carries that wonderful scent of new green growth.  For many spring simply means thoroughly cleaning out the dirt, dust and disorder that have crept in over the past year.  If you are really ambitious, the cleaning  doesn’t only have to happen in our homes it can happen in our bodies.

What is a cleanse?

Colon cleansing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean out our bodies by removing built up toxins from inside the colon. There are dozens of options available for clearing the colon of this accumulated waste and it’s important to find the solution that works for you.

My cleanse (doesn’t have to by your cleanse)

The cleanse I have done for many years is a liquid fast for 5 days (don’t let that scare you off-read on for more info).  I was introduced to a cleanse many years ago by a dear friend (and fabulous acupuncturist) Yoko Chun. We use a company called Blessed Herbs. I am tied to this cleanse only because I am familiar with the program and have had success in the past.  There are a lot of options out there and it’s important to find one that works for you, taking into consideration any health conditions you may have.

Facts about Blessed Herbs:

  • The kit is about $89 -you are responsible for purchasing your own organic apple juice.
  • Comes in two flavors: ginger or peppermint. I have always chosen ginger.
  • The fast lasts for 9 days in total- first 4 days are a slow decrease in food intake and the last 5 days are liquid only.  The liquid is apple juice mixed with a ginger or peppermint packet that comes in the kit.  The packets are very filling-I never felt hungry  (that is always the general consensus- as hard as that may be to imagine).

Why cleanse

It feels great. I’ve been doing a cleanse  for many years and the end result is  fantastic.  Not only does the cleanse clear out your colon (and it’s not pretty!) but it helps clear your mind.

Things to consider if you are cleansing

Check in with your doctor to make sure a liquid fast is OK for you. Find support before you begin-I don’t think I could have done the cleanse alone.  Having a community of people who are doing the cleanse at the same time was crucial.  Create community through this blog or another outlet so that you have the support you need. It is mentally challenging at times( especially during the first day of fasting) but as the week goes on it becomes easier.  I have always done this cleanse with my husband, Joel, and a group of friends.  Remain open-a lot can happen, both physically and mentally.
What are the benefits?

I have always continued with my regular routine during the cleanse-work, exercise, activities are all at normal capacity for me.  That might not work for you.  Listen to your body.

  • Lose weight –although I seem to gain it right back!
  • Improve digestion.
  • Eliminate toxins.
  • Much more…..

Use this blog for support

I need a lot of support and would love to have you join in. We are shooting for a  May 16th start date-this should give you enough time to buy a kit or look into other cleansing options.

The comment section below will be open for support and questions throughout. Feel free to subscribe to the comments even if you don’t want to participate.

Have you ever done a cleanse?  Are you interested?

I am not a physician. Please check with your physician before doing a cleanse to make sure it is a good fit for you.

If you buy the cleansing kit through clicking on the Amazon links above it will put a few pennies in my pocket. I am not a representative of Blessed Herbs and everything in this article is my own opinion.

[Photo used under Creative Commons from Muhammad Ghouri/Flickr]

28 Responses to “Spring Cleanse”

  1. I’ve done a liquid cleanse with amazing results! I did the Master Cleanse…fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and grade A maple syrup. Didn’t eat meat for 4 years after the cleanse was finished. I’d love to do a fruit and veggie cleanse…since I’m still nursing I can’t do a liquid cleanse. When are you starting?

  2. I’ve heard of the Master Cleanse Jessica-but haven’t tried it. There is another option for the cleanse I’m doing that allows you to eat…..take a look at the site. Definitely don’t do a liquid cleanse while you are breast feeding. Maybe next year you can join in!

  3. would LOVE to next year! lol…but if the baby is anything like his brother he might still be nursing…ha! but i’ll be skinny for the summer 😉 hehehe…I will definitely check out the site for your cleanse with food… just curious does your hubby last the whole 9 days too?

  4. True-I wasn’t sure how old the baby was. You can join in whenever you’re ready! Yes, the hubby does the whole nine days. He doesn’t find it as challenging as I do 🙂

  5. Good for you! I have been meaning to do a cleanse for months now. Part of me is a bit fearful that I won’t follow through with it. I like your idea to do it with others for support!

  6. Hi Sherry-It definitely helps to have others around for support when cleansing. There are also some pretty funny conversations that come up. Want to give it a try? What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t do the full 5 days. That’s OK.

  7. Good luck! I did a six-day cleanse in 2005 that wasn’t too tough, but I can’t say I felt much different afterwards. The only long-lasting outcome: I barely drink coffee anymore. 🙂

  8. I am looking forward to it-in a strange way. Every year is very different. I always find it challenging. I think 6 days would throw me over the edge-good for you for doing it. What kind of cleanse was it? Why do you think you stopped drinking coffee?

  9. I don’t remember the name, but here’s what I ate: I had 2 tbsp of cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast, a green mixed salad with no dressing for lunch, and steamed veggies with a slice of whole grain bread for dinner. And copious amounts of diluted veggie broth. The six days ended with my ingestion of a liquid mix that effectively flushed anything still left in my digestive system out of me. It was unpleasant.

    Oh, and I stopped drinking coffee because I had to. I wasn’t allowed to have anything besides what I listed above! 🙂

  10. That’s a new one….the food portion sounds bearable. The end sounds awful. Pretty amazing that coffee has stayed out of your life. I always do great the first week after the cleanse and then usually it’s right back to all the bad habits!

  11. Day 1-I find that the first day is always the most challenging. Getting your body used to a big change in food intake. My energy level is very low and I need to take is slow.

  12. Yesterday was my Day 1. My energy level was low and little headache all day. All I wanted to do was lie down. I took Three hour Yoga workshop and I was able to participate but with low energy. When it was time to do Savasana, I was so ready for that! But today, Day 2, I woke up with very “clear” head and feeling great. No hunger at all. Did a usual spinning class, I felt fine working out, but I was very very mindful of how I felt.

  13. I agree Yoko-Day 1 is the most challenging. I’m very impressed that you took a 3 hour yoga class. Glad day 2 is going well. It’s so important to be aware and listen to your body.

  14. Felt a bit dizzy on day 1 yesterday. Did some mild yoga to resolve…better now. Day 2 is much better. Went to work no problem. I think it is much easier to be at work while fasting than at home. Mind is focused on other things than food!

  15. Hey Jeff-so glad day 2 is going well for you. I also found day 1 to be incredibly challenging. I think you’re right-being at home, near the fridge and food is very hard. Another reason to cleanse during the work week! Good luck with day 3 tomorrow. Keep us posted.

  16. Day 3. Feeling great! No hunger at all. Energy high. Taught yoga and felt good. Wish it was sunny though….Actually it is a nice surprise that I have not thought about foods at all. Feeding kids is not that hard this year for some reason???

  17. I forgot to mention that I took 2 Digestive Stimulants during the Pre-cleanse, but increased to 3 Digestive Stimulants on Day 2, just to make sure things do not get stuck in there. And I have been drinking LOTS of water to ensure the movements. It is working!!
    It is almost 8 o’clock and I am getting a bit bored of not eating foods….

  18. Great job Yoko! Day 3 is always one of the best for me because you know you are almost finished. As long as you feed your kids food that you don’t like it works out fine 🙂 My kids always get hot dogs and other food that I could care less about!

  19. Not eating solid food is boring-no question. That was such a challenging hurdle for me. Glad upping the digestive stimulants worked for you. I took 4 throughout the cleanse and it was the perfect amount.

  20. Just to give some perspective to folks how extreme the differences can be between people…my number is 9. Not proud of it, but it does the work.

  21. Why aren’t you proud Jeff? 🙂 Everyone is different. Thanks for pointing that out.

  22. Day 4! Feeling great and quite energetic in the morning. Had an urge to clean and organize the house. It amazes me what comes out!! and how smelly it is… Sorry to make it disgusting..Such a good feeling to know that yucky stuff that accumulated is coming out of my BODY.No cleaning reactions this year so far. My first time , I experienced an intense shoulder spasm every time I drank the apple juice mixture. Hopefully this means that my body is doing well^_^

  23. so glad there aren’t any physical reactions this year Yoko. You are almost there-one more day! Great job.

  24. I always feel better in the mornings during the cleanse. Last night, Day 4 evening, I was so cranky! Poor kids,,, I was not a happy mom for them last night. Today is my Day 5. started missing foods. I want to eat foods to fill my HEART! There is a tie between foods and emotions. Physically fine, emotionally pretty good too. I will feast tomorrow. Jeff and I usually go to a Macrobiotic restaurant in Waltham called Masao after the cleanse. Looking forward to fresh foods…..

  25. How was it re-entering the world of food? Congratulations-you did it! No easy task, but I’m guessing you are feeling great.

  26. […] Colon cleansing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean out our bodies by removing built up toxins from inside the colon. There are dozens of options available for clearing the colon of this accumulated waste and it’s important to find the solution that works for you. […]

  27. […] the past few years I’ve been doing a 5 day juice cleanse. It was quick and painful. The juice concoction was making me gag by the end of the 5 days. And […]

  28. […] book. I needed to know exactly what I was signing up for. I’ve participated in several different types of cleanses in the past, and this one looked […]

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