January 27th, 2016

My Search for a Safe Mattress: Sleep on Latex Review

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My Search for a Safe Mattress: Sleep on Latex Review Groovy Green Livin

Over the years I never gave much thought to mattresses. It was a place to rest our heads at night, with comfort being the prevailing factor. They were purchased on an as-needed basis.

And then I had a revelation. There’s so much more than comfort that needs to be taken into consideration when buying a new mattress for your bed. And it’s very confusing!

Here I was spending countless hours researching the safety of personal care products, cleaning products and food and I had never given a second thought to our mattress. Let’s face it, most of us spend a lot of time in bed. When it comes to infants and toddlers, they spend close to half of their early life in contact with a mattress. Americans age 15 and over spend on average about 8.8 hours sleeping.

The bad news is that a conventional mattress can contain a toxic combination of chemicals – from petrochemicals, to dyes and additives and chemical flame retardants. If we’re spending around 8 hours in bed each night that’s a lot of time spent breathing in whatever toxins your mattress is off-gassing.

The good news: there are safer options out there. Just as I began my search to replace an old mattress I was asked to review Pure Green by Sleep on Latex. Perfect timing. I was intrigued.

What is latex?

100% Natural latex is made with a milky white liquid that is extracted from a Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as a rubber tree. Rubber trees are native to South America and were spread around the world in the 19th century because of their great value. They are tapped in a very similar way to the way that maple trees are tapped for their maple syrup!

This is a very environmentally friendly way to create a material, because the trees must be grown for several years before they will yield latex, and then each tree can be used for up to twenty years. The process of harvesting natural latex is highly sustainable because it promotes the long-term growth of large numbers of trees. After the latex is collected from the rubber trees, it is thickened and then baked at very high temperatures. It then turns into the latex used to make my new Sleep on Latex mattress.

Sleep on Latex Mattress Review

The mattress came rolled up in a box. It was hard to imagine how a Pure Green 9 inch firm mattress fit into this box. But it did.My Search for a Safe Mattress Sleep on Latex Review Groovy Green Livin

Once unwrapped it very quickly sprang to life and was placed on our bed frame. I was grateful that there were no strong odors associated with this new addition to our bedroom. We couldn’t wait to try it out.

My Search for a Safe Mattress Sleep on Latex Review Groovy Green Livin

We crawled into bed that night after a great day skiing with the kids. The mattress was firm (there’s a choice of soft, medium and firm when ordering) and incredibly comfortable. Pure Green latex foam contains absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers. The covering is made from 100% cotton knit fabric made with GOTS certified organic yarn.

No toxic flame retardants

Sleep on Latex uses 100% New Zealand wool, which adds a thin layer of softness and comfort to the surface of the mattress.  The wool has inherent fire resistant properties and provides an effective fire barrier.  This allows the Pure Green™ Natural Latex Mattress to naturally comply with federal flammability regulations without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or barriers.

If you’re looking to dump your old mattress the Sleep on Latex site has great info on how to recycle your old mattress.

The cost

New mattresses are not inexpensive, but a safe, non-toxic selection is a good investment. The pricing is dependent upon the size and thickness and can range from $649.00 – $1,700.00 with free shipping.

Bottom Line: I really love this mattress. The materials used are pure, without any synthetic latex or fillers. It’s incredibly comfortable and there are no awful smells from off gassing. I was impressed by their use of organic cotton and 100% New Zealand wool as a fire barrier. The cost is a bit steep, with a queen, 9 inch mattress in the $1,200 range.

*If you have a latex allergy this clearly isn’t a good option for you! 

Are you looking for a new, safer mattress? What have you found?

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Disclosure: Thank you to the kind folks at Sleep on Latex for sending me a mattress for review.  All opinions are my own. Always.

17 Responses to “My Search for a Safe Mattress: Sleep on Latex Review”

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  2. I’m so intrigued with the fact that it comes rolled up in a box! Glad to hear it’s so comfy – I’ll definitely consider latex for the next mattress we need to buy.

  3. Micaela- it was so bizarre seeing it rolled up in a box. The box was so heavy! I really love this mattress.

  4. Yep, natural latex is where it’s at! A lot of people assume all latex mattresses are safe, but they don’t realize how few and far between actually natural latex mattresses are.

  5. I had read that the way a latex mattress is made, and since the latex is covered with fabric, their should be no latex allergies. I would love to hear other thoughts on that.

  6. Hello again. I reached out to you a month or so ago about your sleeponlatex 9″ mattress. Can you tell me if you purchased the soft, medium, or firm option? I called them & they suggested the soft (I’m a side sleeper). But I fear that it may be too soft for me. I am wondering your opinion. Thank you so much!

  7. HI again! I’m making sure you got my message just now that I sent, regarding the firmness of your sleeponlatex mattress. Did you purchase the soft, medium, or firm? Thank you!

  8. Where did you get your bed frame/headboard? Love it!

  9. Unfortunately it’s not my headboard Beth. Reach out to Sleep on Latex for info on the bedframe. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

  10. Hi Nicolette, I have the firm mattress and love it. I’m sure you know that the firmness of a mattress is a very personal decision….. Good luck!

  11. Hi again Nicolette, My mattress is firm and I love it. It’s hard to suggest a mattress firmness for you since that’s a very personal choice. I would probably speak with the company again and ask additional questions before making your decision. Good luck!

  12. I’m allergic to latex. Latex puts me into anaphylactic shock and I need to use a EpiPen or I will die. A latex allergy is common in people who have autoimmune diseases.

    It’s even more difficult for me to find a safe mattress.

    Latex breaks down into small, microscopic pieces like anything and the prices float in the air to be inhaled by someone who is allergic. Latex isn’t for everyone.

    The more you are exposed to the latex the more severe the response. It just gets worse and not better. It’s possible for someone who was previously not allergic to latex to develop an allergy because exposure raises risk of an allergic response.

    Fortunately for me… Doctors, dentists and labs have done away with latex gloves. That was a real problem!

  13. Thanks Lori for sharing such good post. It’s really hard to find proper info about mattresses. You really cleared up a lot of things for me. If you have a recommendation for pillows, I’d be willing to listen to that as well.

  14. Thanks, Jenna. I will try to come up with a list of safe pillows. I’m very picky about the pillows I use!

  15. After reading the article I am thinking of buying this mattress. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  16. Latex is an interesting idea, I know some people have an allergic reaction to it.

  17. I’ve a funny story about latex mattresses.

    A friend had a mattress donated to him (he had money issues) and he has no idea about mattresses.

    So one day I was chatting with him and he kept telling me he was very itchy, especially at night, but had no idea why.

    So I asked him have you got any allergies to which he replied a small latex one, and then I said what is your mattress made out of?

    He looked at me confused and said why? Which I replied some mattresses are made from latex.

    After that day he had to sleep on the sofa for a few weeks, but he did say his problem had stopped hahaa

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