July 27th, 2010

Safe in the Sun-2010 Sunscreen Guide

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Photo used under Creative Commons by Robers S. Donovan

As August approaches, the hot sunny days in New England just keep on coming. Bottles of sunscreen are getting their last squeeze and are in need of replacements. What a perfect time to take a look at Environmental Working Groups 2010 Sunscreen Guide.

The Guide provides a list of safe sunscreens and also allows you to plug in the brand you have been using to see where it falls on the safety meter.

Our family has used California Baby sunscreen for many years. It has consistently ranked high on EWG’s list and overall it has been great. We all use it-it isn’t just for kids. It does leave a pasty white film all over your body from the titanium dioxide-I know, pretty! It is also so water resistant that it sometimes does not come off in the shower. Also, it is rather pricey, costing somewhere around $20 for 2.9 ounces -and we go through many tubes. The upside-it works! There is also a fragrance free option which is great for sensitive folks.

Bottom line-there are lots of safe brands to choose from-just do your homework. Make sure that what you are buying is doing its job. Then do your job: apply and reapply throughout the day.

And if you are looking for me this summer, I’m the one covered in a pasty white film of sunscreen hiding under the shady tree.

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