December 4th, 2014

4 Organic Foods Always Found in My Home

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Groovy Green Livin Organic Foods in My Home

Every week we get a fresh delivery of some combination of greens and other produce from our CSA. I love seeing our fridge filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. We also just started getting fresh eggs from our CSA. There’s nothing like a farm fresh egg. In addition to the fresh produce and eggs that make their way into our fridge each week, there are a few organic foods that we use almost on a daily basis. We need to be well stocked with these organic foods because if we’re not there’s complete mayhem. And trust me, that’s not a pretty sight.

Here are our 4 must-have organic foods

If you come over you’ll find these 4 organic foods somewhere in our kitchen. Guaranteed.

Nutiva Chia Seeds

I have been a Nutiva fan for quite some time and was lucky enough to connect with the brand at ShiftCon this year. I use Chia seeds is so many things. They’re very rich in omega-3 fatty acids-even more so than flax seeds and salmon. One serving size includes 18 percent of recommended daily calcium and four grams of protein and they’re packed with fiber, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, iron,  niacin, and zinc. I love putting Nutiva Chia Seeds in my smoothie. Such a simple way to get a big dose of nutrition.

Stonyfield Yogurt

I always have a few Stonyfield Greek organic yogurts stashed way in the back of my fridge. They’re well hidden with the hope that no one will uncover my secret stash. My favorite flavor is the plain (6 grams of sugar and 15 grams of protein!) or the vanilla if I want a treat. We also keep a box or two of Blueberry & Lemonade YoKids Squeezers in the freezer. They’re a great snack to have around when kids come over.

Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn

I’m back on a popcorn kick and Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn is my go-to brand. I will only eat organic popcorn because conventional corn has a high probability of being genetically modified. Approximately 88% of U.S corn crops were genetically modified back in 2011. I use my Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper to make perfect popcorn. *Update: It was just pointed out to me that  popcorn comes from a different seed than corn on the cob and has not been genetically modified.

Numi Organic Tea

I guess tea isn’t technically a “food”, but in our house we go through a lot of tea. During the cold winter months in Boston a cup of Numi Organic Rooibos Chai tea makes the weather a bit more bearable. There are a lot of flavors to choose from, but this is my favorite.

What are some of your favorite organic foods to have in your kitchen?

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24 Responses to “4 Organic Foods Always Found in My Home”

  1. I agree 100% on these, although I’ll be honest I’m most concerned about sugar content in yogurt and how the animals are treated, vs if they are fed organic grain or not. Of course finding the brand that hits all of those categories is best. I’m a huge popcorn fan too, have you tried Quinn Popcorn from the Boston area?

  2. We always have the organic GMO-free popcorn but I honestly forget about it a lot! And I am starting to keep the Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root tea on hand at all times too – became addicted at ShiftCon!
    Jenny B recently posted..Living Consciously Holiday Gift Guide 2014My Profile

  3. Ha ha! We have that popcorn too – though this past fall we went to a harvest festival and harvested popcorn, on the cob, that will last us well into forever! I’m a fan of Numi tea too!
    Green Bean recently posted..Building A Better Advent CalendarMy Profile

  4. Okay, I have to confess that I’m lazy and hate cleaning my blender, so I don’t make smoothies very often. What else can you do with chia seeds?

  5. It’s funny how we all have certain things that we MUST have! I do a lot of organic, but not everything. My 100% always-have-in-the-house is organic milk, butter, yogurt and pretty much all dairy.

  6. I’ve read that popcorn is a different crop than regular corn and it’s not GMO – am I bonkers?

  7. I have not tried this brand of popcorn. Do you use coconut oil or olive oil when making your popcorn? Great list!
    sommer @greenmom recently posted..Storing Holiday Lights and Winterizing Your HomeMy Profile

  8. I love this list! I agree with Lindsay – I’ve been more conscious of the sugar content lately in sugar, but I use it and it’s such a better swap than some other options. I need to pop my own popcorn more, too!
    Julie recently posted..PSA: Put Down the Damn PhoneMy Profile

  9. I love chai! And love the yogurts too. I need to be more organic!

  10. Hi Sommer, I generally use olive oil. I would love to use coconut oil, but my kids don’t like the flavor with popcorn. Oh well! Which do you use?

  11. I just looked into this Janelle and I think you’re right! “GMO corn, popcorn comes from a different seed and has not been genetically modified.” I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification.

  12. I agree Jenn. Dairy is a great place to focus on organic.

  13. Ha! Love your honesty Cassidy! How about using Chia seeds as an egg replacement. 1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds and 3 Tbsp. Water equals one egg. There you go!

  14. I need more popcorn. I am running out if the organic popcorn on the con from my CSA.

  15. Cob- not con- I also need to explore chia seeds again.

  16. These are all great!! We have tried all of them also, and LOVE the organic Numi tea (especially in winter!) Thank you!

  17. We are big Stonyfield yogurt people, too!

    And now I want popcorn!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted..20 Easy Grab and Go Homemade SnacksMy Profile

  18. Stonyfield yogurt is the best!

  19. I’ll have to look for that popcorn. Its my favorite snack right now. Where do you get yours at?
    tanya recently posted..Innovative ideas to drive employee engagementMy Profile

  20. I haven’t tried chia seeds yet, but it seems to be all the rage! We love our Stonyfield yogurt though! I can’t keep it in the house! Flies out of that fridge!

  21. I don’t do chia because it’s a pretty common allergen and I have lots of food allergies but we do keep popcorn around, made some last night.

    I like Stonyfield Yo Baby because we do full fat dairy. I wish Stonyfield would make a full fat dairy greek yogurt.

    I’m a tea addict but I’m a black tea drinker. 🙂
    Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green recently posted..Thrive Market Gift Guide + GiveawayMy Profile

  22. I was reading about what is in yogurt and then received this blog post. She mentioned stoneyfield as a good org yogurt to have.

  23. Organic popcorn – what a smart purchase! I pop my corn in the popcorn machine or in a bag in my microwave. Will buy these kernels!

  24. Try to buy organic everything, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, onions, apples, carrots, celery, green tea, chamomile tea, probably at least 10-15 other herbal teas, coffee, eggs, chicken, grass-fed beef, chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, assortment of dried beans, quinoa, salad greens. Always add the chia to salads, stirfrys, muffins etc. Also add hemp seed, sesame seed and flax meal to salads and mufffins. Honey, stevia, and local maple syrup are sweeteners. Hard to get organic cheeses so buy some from European countries since they are usually GMO and rbst free.

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