October 28th, 2011

Organic Apples and Snow

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organic fruit bowl

As I write this post it’s late at night and snowflakes are falling for the first time this season. It’s October and I am going to sleep tonight in denial -knowing that my kids don’t have boots, coats, gloves or hats that fit. We are not prepared for snow. I’m hopeful that when I wake the grass will be green again and the sidewalks clear of the white stuff. **

In spite of of the atypical weather, it’s still technically fall and our fruit bowl is filled to the rim with organic apples and oranges. It’s a challenge to eat them before they become bruised, mushy  and inedible.  Recently I tried making apple chips, a recipe that’s gluten, dairy and nut-free. They were delicious, low calorie and devoured. The recipe itself is simple, but the chips have to bake for a bit.  Let me know if you give them a try.

What’s your favorite apple recipe? My favorite is apple crisp.

[Photo used under Creative Commons from Hakan Dahlstrom/Flickr]


**Update: There was still snow this morning.

snow in October

10 Responses to “Organic Apples and Snow”

  1. Wow we don’t even have snow yet here in Edmonton! Any morning now, we will wake up and it will be there. It rained last night so I half wondered about it this morning…

    My kids have been wearing mitts and scarves and boots to school for a while, but I need a new winter coat for my boy…

    We love apple chips. I got a dehydrator donated to me and so I dry them on there and they are fantastic and the kids eat them up like candy. Next year I will do way more!

  2. I heard about all the snow you’re getting up there–I can’t believe it! I hope it doesn’t ruin Halloween for your kids.

    I’ve been buying so many apples too. It’s interesting to see the different varieties they sell here (and I’m missing some of the ones I’d get up in Wisconsin).

  3. Hi Kiersten-We don’t have power so not sure what will happen tonight. There are so many homes without power so it will take a few days to get everyone up and running. Not sure how trick-or-treating will work without lights! At this point we might be handing out apples!! Happy Halloween.

  4. Wow Sherry-I can’t believe it’s already so cold in Edmonton! We haven’t graduated to the gloves and scarves yet. We don’t have power from the storm over the weekend-thankfully it’s not too cold yet.

    I would love to try a dehydrator-much easier then what I’ve been doing! Happy Halloween!

  5. No snow here yet but frost on cars in the morning a few days ago… we’ll see the white stuff soon enough.

    Apple crisp is one of my favourites, too. I always keep sweet, crunchy apples on hand for my apple a day diet! Try keeping your apples in the crisper drawer of your fridge to prevent them bruising so soon.

  6. Hi Andrea-thanks for the apple tip. I like my apples at room temp, but I could take them out each day. Our snow is still around-our power just came back on tonight. Hopefully when your white stuff comes it won’t be as eventful as ours!

  7. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats apple pie!! Especially on a super cool day like Saturday when the snow would not stop falling! YUM

  8. Apple pie is my favorite! Especially on Thanksgiving.

  9. Mmmmm apple crisp! My mom made that a lot growing up. I always seem to run out of apples before I get a chance to make it though. Guess I need to buy more apples.

  10. That happens to me too Marsha! It’s so easy to make….guess we need to buy apples with the intention of making apple crisp.

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