December 21st, 2015

One Simple Question to Ask Your Children

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One Simple Question to Ask Your Children Groovy Green Livin

This post is created in partnership with Stonyfield as part of their YoGetter ambassador program. All opinions are always my own.

Have you ever asked your children this simple question:

How can I help you feel loved?

The question was first raised in a Babble article, The One Question You Should Ask Your Child Tonight.

Although a simple question, it has the potential to unleash so many thoughts and emotions.

“Love isn’t just a word; it’s an action”

How do you think your kids will answer it?

A few years ago I was forced to think about a somewhat similar question at home. At the time I had recently retired from practicing law after only 10 years in. I was making the transition to my new writing career, where much of my time was spent working from home. My kids were young and I was new to the blogging community. I felt compelled to write between 4-5 posts each week in addition to working with various brands and writing for numerous other sites. My days were filled with work and many times that work spilled over into the late afternoons and early evenings. The time when my kids needed me most.

The boundaries were becoming blurred. The time spent working was bleeding into the time meant for my children. One of the reasons I had shifted careers.

Change and balance were needed. I had an ah ha moment after one of my children made a comment that I was always on my computer. This was not how I wanted them to think of me.

I’m not perfect, but I do make a concerted effort to be present when my kids are with me. My phone is generally tucked away and my laptop is often in sleep mode. For the few hours that I’m with my children after school and before bedtime I try to be there for them. I’m not always successful, but I try.

It’s not easy to ask teen boys “How can I help you feel loved?” without getting a strange glare or grunt in response. Before the answer they respond with another question “Mom, are you alright?” Then the answer. There was a similar theme: time. The wish for more time with me.

So the next time one of my kids asks me to play FIFA 16 or even Candy Land I’m going to resist the urge to say I’m busy or to run out of the room screaming “never”. My answer is going to be “yes”.

How do you think your kids will answer?

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Disclaimer: I work in partnership with Stonyfield as a YoGetter and I am compensated for my work. The opinions and thoughts contained in this post are 100% mine. I only work with companies I support and think you will like. 

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