June 16th, 2014

If You Have to Pick One Fruit to Eat Organic Make it This

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Groovy Green Livin Organic Apples

The One Fruit to Eat Organic: Apples

Organic apples are a must.

Each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a list of 12 fruits and vegetables called the “Dirty Dozen”. For over 10 years EWG has published this annual guide to help people eat healthy and reduce their exposure to pesticides in produce. The Dirty Dozen™ list of produce lists the top 12 conventional fruits and veggies with the most pesticides. It’s a helpful guide when deciding where to spend your hard earned dollars on organic food.

EWG’s Dirty Dozen™ list of produce includes apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach, sweet bell peppers, imported nectarines, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, imported snap peas and potatoes. Each of these foods showed high concentrations of pesticides when tested.

Why Chose Organic Apples? Apples at the Top of the Pesticide List

When we shop for produce we have many choices -one of the most difficult being whether to invest our hard earned dollars on organic fruits and veggies. While buying organic is always the better option, it can be cost prohibitive to buy everything organic.

Year after year apples have been at the top of the list as a fruit which is doused in pesticides. According to EWG, apples are the single most pesticide-contaminated produce item available at the supermarket. 

We eat a lot of apples over here. Going through a dozen apples in a few days is nothing. I do my best to buy only organic apples for my family.

We are very picky about the type of apples we eat. My son loves organic Fuji apples and the rest of us will only eat Pink Lady. They’re hard to find year round at a farmer’s market or our local Whole Foods Market. The conventional version seems to always be available, but I’m not willing to go that route. I only buy organic apples.

Are there certain fruits and veggies you only buy organic?


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26 Responses to “If You Have to Pick One Fruit to Eat Organic Make it This”

  1. I try to buy all food from local farmers who don’t use chemicals and then I buy USDA certified organic in the grocery store for anything I can’t find at farmers markets. If I can’t find organic, I will only choose conventional produce with a thick skin that is not edible… i.e. grapefruit, oranges, avocado, etc… However, if organic is available for any piece of produce, I will buy it because I feel it is the right thing to do for our planet and future food security, not to mention the health of the unfortunate workers who have to spray the chemicals!
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  2. Nice article a lot of people do not realise just how much pesticide leeches into the fruit and vegetables purchase.

  3. Great article – highlighting an issue many people are unaware of!!

    Apparently strawberries retain the highest levels of pesticides, due to the external seeds and thin skin. These factors combined with the fact they are a delicate fruit means they are difficult to clean effectively.

    I just love strawberries, so that is one fruit I always insist that is organic.

  4. I always buy organic apples but they are sometimes hard to find. Wish our regular grocery stores had a better selection but a sprouts market just opened up and they have a GREAT produce selection!

  5. Funny thing, I don’t really like apples! But definitely buy them organic if I do 🙂 Scary stuff, we need a wake up call in Congress to take action on these toxic pesticides.

  6. Do you like other fruit Lindsay? I love apples! Pink Lady….

  7. I agree Diane, organic apples seem to be hard to find lately. Conventional apples are everywhere!

  8. I also buy organic strawberries…all berries. They are generally high up on the “Dirty Dozen” list.

  9. True Lu. There are a lot of pesticides in many fruits and veggies. Important to educate ourselves before we head to the market.

  10. Me too Green Girl. I agree that fruits with a thick skin are generally lower down on my organic list.

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  12. We love green apples in our juices! It’s important people look into where their food comes from and how it is grown 🙂 Your site rocks and if you wanted to come join the sisterhood in raising awareness and inspiring other women on living a more green life, please come say hello, we would be honored 🙂

  13. If the produce or all organic food is marked USDA then is it also non-GMO? I am fairly new to the Green Scene but have signed up to be a lifelong member, I am learning new stuff everyday but this GMO thing is a little confusing.

  14. It is confusing Susan. If something is certified organic it is GMO-free.

  15. It’s a shame we can’t grow our own that way we would be free from toxins. Great read. If we should pick one organic fruit, apples would top the list. An apple a day does help keep the doctor away

  16. To be honest, I don’t necessarily buy organic. Sometimes I do, but I definitely always buy all my produce at the farmer’s market versus the grocery store. I think local is better.

  17. I think it is so important to know the source and how your food is grown or raised. Whether organic, ipm, or other.

  18. Wow, I never would have thought apples! I would have thought berries. We’re big Gala apple fans in our house. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. For some reason, I always thought it was bell peppers, but I guess they are just a part of the dirty dozen. We do what we can when getting organic vs not.

  20. There aren’t really any foods I only buy organic. I try my best, but it’s just not feasible all the time for various reasons. Very informative post – thanks!

  21. Nope, there are no certain fruits or vegetables that I must buy organic.
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  22. I loved this post when I first read it so it was fun to come back to again and realize I’ve been good about following through on buying organic apples – my kids have noticed the difference!

  23. We happen to be looking forward to fall and the arrival of our favorite honey crisps at the farmers’ market! We always buy a crate at a time from one of the fruit stands there because my family goes through them like crazy! It’s good to know that we’re doing the right thing by buying organic apples that also happen to be locally grown!
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  26. […] a nutshell, products with an organic certification are made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified […]

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