June 10th, 2013

Non-Toxic Summer Camp Supplies

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Groovy Green Livin camp supplies

The lower bunk bed in my son’s bedroom is covered with summer camp supplies. Two of my boys are heading to overnight camp in a few days. The packing has begun, but there’s so much more to do to get them ready for 4 weeks away at overnight camp.

I’m trying my best to remain calm. This is my oldest’s third year at this camp and my middle son’s first year. Thankfully, there’s a level of comfort sending them to this camp-they’ll be with five of their cousins and it happens to be the camp that I went to as a child. But four weeks is a long time.

My job right now is to follow the camp packing list and fill two huge duffle bags to the brim with the ‘stuff’ the camp suggests bringing to camp. If you and/or your children have gone to camp (overnight or day camp) you know that most camps have a  “packing list”. This list includes a run down of everything you need to pack, from underwear to stamps.

Whether it’s day camp or overnight, sending a child to camp means giving up control for a few weeks. I know that they’re going to eat food that they probably wouldn’t find at home, but I’m OK with that. That’s what camp’s all about.

Non-Toxic Summer Camp Supplies

Every year I try to find a few must-have camp supplies that go into their duffle bag. Here’s what I’m sending this year.


I’ve shared my favorite safe non-whitening sunscreens this year and one of the brands will be included in the camp duffle bags. Episencial Sunny Screen SPF 35 is a great choice for any camper.Groovy Green Livin Summer Camp Supplies
The price point is right at just $11.85 for 2.5 fluid ounces.
I have another sunscreen of choice for camp this year: Badger All Natural SunscreenGroovy Green Livin Camp Supplies
. I didn’t have a sample of this sunscreen when I was reviewing sunscreens, but now I do and I really like what they’ve done this year. The sunscreen is a new formulation and it’s easy to apply and non-greasy. That was my biggest complaint with the original Badger.

Bug Repellent

I’m sending them both to camp with a DEET free bug repellent. We’ve been using Buzzaway  for a few years and it really works. Groovy Green Livin Camp SuppliesThere are also natural ways to treat bug bites. Check out a few of my favorites HERE.

Groovy Green Livin Camp Supplies
Body Wash and Shampoo

Our go-to shampoo again this year is Earth Mama-Angel Baby Organic Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash. Body wash and shampoo together? We’re killing two birds with one stone! Maybe they’ll actually use it when they shower?

Mabel’s Labels 

Groovy Green Livin Camp Supplies

I’m a big fan of Mabel’s Labels for labeling clothing. Everything that goes to camp has to be labeled or it won’t make it home. My favorite labels are the Tag Mates which stick directly onto the clothing tag and don’t come off! This year I decided to get the  Limited Edition Camp Combo Packs which includes a variety of labels.


My kids actually requested chapstick this year and it’s on the packing list as “optional”. I’ve been using Eco Lips Sport Spf 30 Organic Lip Balm Tube Groovy Green Livin Camp Suppliesand just bought a few tubes for them to take with them to camp.

I’ll keep you posted on how the send off goes. I’m trying to keep it together.

If you’re interested, HERE are a few more summer camp essentials.

What camp supplies do you send with your kids to summer camp?


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