August 18th, 2011

New Sponsor: Ethical Ocean (Get 10% Off!)

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Ethical Ocean team

Ethical Ocean was started on Earth Day back in 2009 by a group of friends on a road trip who were chatting about how challenging it is to shop ethically. They all had a common bond; a passion for protecting the environment. They realized that the way they shopped was one way they could have a positive impact on the world. They began to search for products that were sustainable and eco-friendly and struggled to find products that made an impact. It dawned on them that if they were having trouble finding ethical products then other consumers were probably having the same issue. And so their on-line marketplace was born.
ethical ocean logoWe welcome Ethical Ocean as a new sponsor on our site. Ethical Ocean sells over 5,000 eco-friendly, organic and fair trade fashions, accessories, and beauty products. Their products are innovative, fashionable and always ethical.

According to the company:

We’re really excited about the idea of shopping in a way that matches your individual values. That’s why we haven’t created a store that only sells eco-friendly products or vegan products. Instead we sell products that are eco-friendly, fairly traded, vegan, organic, and so on, with the idea you can find a range of products that are produced in a way that you can feel good about. We also encourage our customers and community to review [our] products….

Go Green Back-to-School

Ethical Ocean has a great Green Back-to-School shopping guide which is filled with products to send your children back to school in green and eco-friendly style. Next to each product listing the company provides a reason why you’ll love the product and a sentence or two about why it’s an ethical choice. I have a few favorites from the vast selection of back-to-school products:

Cubed Staple Free Stapler-no staples needed and therefore no refills required.

cubed staple free stapler

Newspaper pencils made with 85% post-consumer recycled newspapers, these #2 pencils are 85% biodegradable.

biodegradable newspaper pencils

Recycled notebooks made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. For every notebook purchased one will be donated to a child in need.

recycled notebooks

In addition to their eco-friendly back-to-school gear they are also having a Summer End of Season Sale on many of their products.

Ethical Ocean is site worth checking out!  And good news for Groovy Green Livin readers -they’re offering a 10% discount on purchases made before September 15, 2011 by using the code GROOVYGREEN at checkout.

11 Responses to “New Sponsor: Ethical Ocean (Get 10% Off!)”

  1. I had to check out how the stapler works too! It says…
    It cuts little flaps in the corner, folds the flaps back and tucks them into a tiny slit. Getting it as soon as I run out of staples in my current one 🙂

  2. Holy Moly! A staple-less stapler??? That is freakin sweet 🙂 Thanks for sharing Ethical Ocean with all of us Lori 🙂 Cool company!

  3. I know Lynn-that staple-less stapler certainly caught my attention!

  4. Hi Amity-I have to replace staples constantly in our stapler. It will be a nice and welcome change! They have so many other cool products too…..

  5. ADORE the stapler! I want one!! no staples? YAY! Less stuff to buy, my new favorite tagline: “LESS IS MORE.” Thanks Lori!

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  7. You’re welcome Tiffany. I love the stapler! Such a great idea.

  8. I bought a staple-free stapler (different brand) years ago and haven’t looked back. The only downside is the limit of four or five sheets of paper. You really can’t use the thing on thicker stacks. But for my household use that’s more than enough!

  9. Thanks Andrea-I didn’t think of that. There are a few times each year that I need a heavy duty stapler. My regular stapler doesn’t work for those big stacks either!

  10. I own a stapeless staper. it only goes thru 3-4 pieces of good for small jobs. it will JAM with more, paper gets stuck inside with staper attached.

  11. Good to know Anastacia. It’s worth a try-I can’t stand reloading staples!

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