January 7th, 2011

Natural Flu Busters

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I can’t remember the last time I actually stopped working, crawled into bed and slept during the day-today was that day. Can you hear me hacking, shivering or whimpering?  It’s not really that bad, I just thought I would try to evoke a bit of sympathy. But I do feel pretty horrible.


  1. Fever
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Coughing with phlegm (I hate that word)
  4. Strong desire to curl up in bed and sleep for weeks


Don’t get me wrong, I take medicine in certain situations. If I have strep or an ear infection-bring on the meds! But I feel like I can get through this one without conventional over-the-counter pharmaceutical help.


  1. Tea-lots of it.  Hot or warm liquid can help break up congestion, but tea has extra benefits. Green and black tea contain compounds called theophyllines, which act as an anti-inflammatory and open up airways and ease breathing.
  2. Took one dose of  Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Oscillococcinum for Flu, a homeopathic concoction that  I picked up at Whole Foods.
  3. Chugging waterMy body has been losing a lot of water, working overtime to combat this illness.  I need to replenish the water and make sure I don’t get dehydrated.
  4. Sleep, sleep and more sleepAccording to experts at The University of Chicago Medical Center, while I’m sleeping my cells are working hard to strengthen my immune system. Much needed at the moment!
  5. GarlicGarlic has anti-bacterial properties that help the immune system  fight infection. Garlic contains several helpful compounds, including allicin, one of the plant kingdom’s most potent antibiotics.
  6. Eating wellAlthough I have little to no appetite, I have been trying to eat healthy foods; limiting processed foods and refined sugars. I am also avoiding dairy products which can lead to increased mucus production-don’t need that.

If only my dear friend/acupuncturist was back from her vacation I would add acupuncture to my list.  I know that time and rest will be the ultimate healer.  But as I lay here suffering (insert cheesy violin music), I am looking for some  suggestions from all you groovy green people out there.

Hit me up with all your home remedies. If they don’t help me, maybe they will help others.  I will pick and choose a few and let you know what helped.

p.s. If sympathy was evoked, chocolate and trashy magazines are welcome.

*Disclosure: If you buy the Bioron through the Amazon link  it will put a few pennies in my pocket-thanks!

**Top Photo used under Creative Commons from Anders Rueda

8 Responses to “Natural Flu Busters”

  1. Sorry you’re feeling lousy! Empathy/sympathy helps: I have no proof, but I’m sure it has a positive psychological effect! 🙂 So I’m sending you lots of sympathetic vibes!

    Are you using a humidifier? That helps to keep things moist and cut down the coughing and sneezing. Otherwise, I think what you’re doing is all you really can do — I tend not to use those awful OTC cough medicines. I don’t think they’re healthy for us, but there are so many different brands, strengths, and combinations that it’s also impossible to choose one in the haze of sickness. 😉

    Feel better soon!

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  3. Give me a buzz if you need me to pick up anything for you–even trashy magazines! 😉 Yogurt helps too. Helps push all the gunk down your throat and eventually out of your system, plus the good bacteria in it helps fight off the bad bacteria that is growing in your body. Keep your salt intake in check too so you don’t get dehyrated. I will usually drink a gatorade a day just to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes up when i am sick. I second the motion on green tea and the humidifer-we use a warm mist one. Apples and chicken soup, too are staples in our home when someone is sick. Oh! And buckwheat honey works better than Delsym as a cough suppresant. They sell it at Whole Foods. Doesn’t taste as good as clover honey, but works very well and is high in antioxidants!

  4. Bummer about being sick! I drink a tea concoction that our favorite acupuncturist recommends: lemon, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, and honey. Also, I’ll take Umcka Coldcare (Whole Foods. It’s active ingredient is a medicinal plant from South Africa. Feel better soon!

  5. oops…Yoko’s tea did not have garlic in it, although you could play with that as flavoring! Also, instead of honey, one can use maple syrup.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes! @A I’m not using a humidifier-good idea! @Jenn Tx for the sweet offer-I am doing a bit better today. I don’t eat dairy (unless it’s ice cream) so yogurt isn’t an option. Buckwheat honey is another great suggestion. I will try to get some today. @J Tx for the tea recipe. I forgot about this one! Already had a cup this morning. Really appreciate all the suggestions!

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  8. I grew up in rural area so my parents used to cure us with ginger and a tea, that helps a lot too.
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