May 23rd, 2012

National Stroller Brigade in DC

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Groovy Green Livin Green Bloggers Stroller Brigade

Green Bloggers at the National Stroller Brigade in Washington DC. Shane from Environmental Booty, Diane from Big Green Purse, me, Micaela from Mindful Momma and Anne from Flour Sack Mama.

Anyone who has a child would probably agree that maternal and paternal instincts kick in the first time you lay eyes on your child, possibly even before. The instinct to protect your child from harm is very real and impossible to ignore. Part of parenting is making choices about which products we bring into our homes as we try to make the best possible decisions for our families. Our desire to keep toxins away from our children is a given. Unfortunately, toxins are basically unregulated in this country and can make their way into our homes without our knowledge.

Change is needed

This needs to change. The law that was meant to protect us is now old and outdated and isn’t doing its job. We still have cans with BPA linings on our shelves. Laundry detergents continue to contain cancer causing chemicals. Nursing pillows and car seats are doused in toxic flame retardants. Toxic chemicals are found in children’s jewelry. Early puberty, childhood cancer, infertility, learning and developmental disabilities are rising at alarming rates. There is no legislation in place to protect us. Companies aren’t required to test the safety of the chemicals in their products. This needs to stop.

My trip to DC

Groovy Green Livin in front of Capitol with Massachusetts group

The Massachusetts gang: Elizabeth from Clean Water Action, Gayle an amazing activist, yours truly and Laura another amazing activist.

I just returned from a trip to Washington DC organized by Safe Chemicals Healthy Families. We gathered on Capitol Hill for a National Stroller Brigade to let Congress know that we won’t stand for this any longer.  We united and demanded that Congress pass Senator Frank Lautenberg’s Safe Chemicals Act.

The gathering included incredible people, and lots of them, each with a story to tell about how they have been affected by toxins in the environment. And the stories weren’t happy-many were devastating and heart wrenching.

It seems like a no-brainer to me. This is something we can control, while there continue to be so many things that are beyond our control. Toxins don’t belong in our products and having regulations in place will enable this to become a reality. Who wouldn’t want safe products for children? I’m trying hard to understand why this continues to be a battle. We need companies to become accountable for their toxic products before they reach the shelves. So why haven’t all the Senators agreed to support this?

The issue crosses party lines

Groovy Green Livin National Stroller Brigade in Senator Kerry's office

The Massachusetts gang in with Senator Kerry’s team.

While in DC, I was honored to have an opportunity to meet with the Massachusetts teams from the offices of Senators Kerry and Brown to discuss this important issue. I’m thrilled that Senator Kerry recently decided to co-sponsor Senator Frank Lautenberg’s Safe Chemicals Act. Senator Brown hasn’t signed on as of yet. I’m hopeful that he will soon see the importance and necessity of this regulation.

The need for safer chemicals and safer products crosses party lines-all children and all people are affected, regardless of your party loyalties.

It’s not too late. Please urge your congressional leaders to take action.

A special thank you to Safer Chemicals Healthy Families (big shout out to Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director of SCHF) for organizing this fantastic and inspirational event. Please stop by their site to learn how you can take further action. Together we can make a difference.

Groovy Green Livin Safer Chemicals Healthy Families

Shane from Environmental Booty, Lindsay Dahl Deputy Director of Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and me!

Are your Senators in support of the Safe Chemicals Act? Please reach out to let them know how much it means to you.

30 Responses to “National Stroller Brigade in DC”

  1. Looks like it was an awesome event!

  2. Great photos Lori!It was SO fun to hang out with you and fight for safer chemicals together!

  3. You all look amazing fighting the good fight! I hope all the Senators can sign on to this important piece of legislation!

  4. Wow! So sorry I missed you while you were in DC! Great post, good for you for standing up and fighting hard.

  5. Hi Lynn, I’m so sorry we missed you too. It was a quick trip, but very worthwhile. Next time!!

  6. Thanks Brenna. It would be nice if more Senators jumped on board. Hopefully the hard work of many in DC will pay off.

  7. Thanks Micaela. It was SO great to see you and work on this issue together. Thanks for being my tour guide 🙂

  8. It really was Marsha. So many stories brought everyone together. It makes the issue come alive and makes the fight worthwhile.

  9. Such an important issue and such an amazing group of committed women. Thank you for fighting for this legislation for our kids and for our future.

  10. Big thanks to you, Lori, for taking the time to send such an important message to our senators…now let’s get Senator Brown to do the right thing!!

  11. Hi Ronnie, While in DC we were surrounded by so many passionate and inspirational people who were all fighting for the passage of the Safer Chemicals Act. Hopefully the Senators felt the passion and will make the right decision (many already have!). Thank you for all you do to protect our children. It takes a village!

  12. Hi Cindy, It was incredible being surrounded by so many who are going to bat for the Safer Chemicals Act. Hopefully Senator Brown heard our message loud and clear and will ultimately make the right decision. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place for us all!

  13. Thank you for being such an amazing voice for all of us!

  14. So glad to meet you and other terrific bloggers, plus all of the other moms! Thanks for sharing so many practical tips on your website that moms can use every day.

  15. Anne-it was so nice to meet you too. Thank you for all you do in the fight to keep toxic chemicals out of our homes. You are truly an inspiration!

  16. Thank you Kathy for all you do to make the world safer for us all!

  17. It was wonderful to meet you too Anne. Thanks so much for being there and helping to push for the Safe Chemicals Act.

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