November 4th, 2015

My Picks: Favorite Winter Running Gear

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Favorite Winter Running Gear Groovy Green Livin

With temperatures in the 60’s it’s hard to imagine that winter is right around the corner. Every year I work hard to keep my fitness routine in place throughout the cold winter months. It’s no surprise regular physical activity has been shown to help strengthen your immune system, which in turn helps prevent a wide range of potential health issues that can pop up when the weather changes.

Running in the cold presents a host of challenges, but most are an easy fix with the right gear.

Take a peek at some of my favorites for running in the cold (affiliate links*)  

Nike Women’s Thermal Running Tights/Pants

I’ve tried many different brands of running tights and I always come back to these. Nike Women’s Thermal Running Tights/Pants come in gray or black and fit a small, medium, large or extra large build. I really like the small zipper pocket in the back. It’s the perfect size for my phone or any other music device.

Saucony Drylete Skull Cap

I’m loving this Saucony Drylete Skull Cap. It comes in three different colors, black, orange and citron.It’s lightweight and reversible. I can easily wear my hair in a ponytail and the hat doesn’t get in the way.

The North Face Powerstretch Glove
These are my favorite winter running gloves. They keep my hands the perfect temperature without overheating. These gloves contain at least 90% bluesign approved fabric — a standard for environmentally responsible production.

Salomon Women’s Tournette Shell Jacket
This jacket is new for me this season. I have it in Boss Blue. It’s ultralight and perfect for keeping the cold wind out.

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 6 Running Shoes

These aren’t technically winter running gear, but I just have to share. I’ve been a Brooks fan for sometime and I recently purchased new running shoes, Brooks Women’s Ravenna 6 Running Shoes in blue. They are so comfortable and supportive. I’m hoping that they’ll provide the traction that I need over the winter.

What’s your favorite piece of winter running gear?

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*Disclosure: Please know that if you make a purchase using a link on this page, I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you), which in turn helps support this site. None of the companies I promote on this page have paid me, I just really like their products. Thank you in advance.

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6 Responses to “My Picks: Favorite Winter Running Gear”

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  2. If you’re worried about traction, I used these last winter (remember last winter? Six feet of snow? And anything plowed was covered with thick ice?) to train for the Boston Marathon. They’re comfortable, stay on your shoes, are lightweight, and provide great traction.

  3. Thanks Julia. I’ve seen these before and I’m going to order a pair. They would have been great last winter. If the predictions are correct I’ll need them again this year.

  4. These shoes are wonderful for people with low/flat arches. I was running in the wrong shoes for low arches and ended up injuring my feet and my knees as a result. Once I recovered and was fitted in a specialty running store for these shoes, it has been a completely different experience. If you have high arches, these probably won’t do you any harm or good

  5. I absolutely love that purple Salomon jacket. I just hope the lighter fabric is enough to keep me warm Checking it out now!

  6. […] weather’s been odd in New England. To think I was skiing last week and today I went for a run in 60 degrees. Now back to the […]

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