April 2nd, 2012

My Appearance on ABC World News and the BPA Decision

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Soup can

For those of you who missed the national news on Saturday night, as I did, here is the clip from my appearance on ABC World News Tonight discussing bisphenol A (BPA).

The FDA’s refusal to ban BPA was a tremendous disappointment.

My interview with ABC World News with Diane Sawyer took place on Friday afternoon, just as the FDA rejected the Natural Resources Defense Council petition requesting that the toxic chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, be declared unsafe and banned from food packaging.

According to Jeanne Rizzo, Breast Cancer Fund President & CEO:

The body of evidence against BPA has been mounting over the years we’ve been calling on the FDA to make a definitive determination on BPA’s safety. Most of us are exposed to BPA every day. In fact, the CDC found BPA in 93 percent of all Americans tested, and the National Institutes of Health point to food packaging, including food cans, which are lined with BPA, as a major route of exposure. BPA has been found in blood and urine of pregnant women, in the umbilical cord blood of newborns and in breast milk soon after women gave birth. Nearly 200 lab studies show that exposures to even low doses of BPA, particularly during pregnancy and early infancy, are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects later in life, including breast cancer. Studies show that BPA exposure can make non-cancerous breast cells grow and survive like cancer cells, and can actually make the cells less responsive to the cancer-inhibiting effects of tamoxifen, a drug used in the treatment of breast cancer.

In my opinion the FDA’s decision was unfounded and weak. Simply put: BPA doesn’t belong in our food packaging.

What can we do to avoid BPA?

The influx of emails and comments that I have received since this piece aired has confirmed and strengthened my belief that together we can make a difference on this issue and many other issues affecting our health. If we choose not to purchase products that have BPA then the companies will hear our demands and have no choice but to make a change. Perhaps they will follow Campbell’s Soup’s lead and initiate the process of removing BPA because of consumer demand.

Don’t buy from the companies that continue to use BPA in their canned goods.

  • HERE is a great list from Inspiration Green of brands that continue to use BPA and those that don’t.
  • Kathy from Safe Mama has put together one of her fabulous Cheat Sheets: BPA Free Canned Food.

Take action.

  • Join the “Cans Not Cancer” campaign launched by The Breast Cancer Fund urging manufacturers to replace BPA with safer alternatives.

Find alternatives to canned goods.

Avoid canned foods altogether. Join a CSA and enjoy local, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.  Use dry beans and pasta-it may take a little longer to prepare, but it’s worth it!

BPA free may not be safe

Many comments have raised the issue that a BPA replacement might be just as dangerous. While I agree with the concern, we need to take this journey one baby step at a time.

There is no excuse for this. BPA doesn’t belong anywhere near our food.  Please take the time to tell these companies that we are not OK with this.

How do you avoid BPA?

[Photo used under Creative Commons from Steven dePolo/Flickr]

[Video courtesy of ABC World News Tonight]

31 Responses to “My Appearance on ABC World News and the BPA Decision”

  1. Awesome Lori. Thanks for the being the voice on this.

  2. Super nice! 🙂

  3. You did great!

  4. You were awesome!!!

  5. Fabulous job Lori!
    I have greatly reduced the cans I buy. I still buy some, but not that many. I switched to dry beans, they are not that hard to cook, do take planning, but I make a large batch then freeze them in 2 cups portions (in glass jars) so they are almost as convenient as canned. They are MUCH cheaper! I have also experimented and perfected a recipe for baked beans – the other thing I loved to buy that comes in cans.
    I need to find the source again, but I read recently that BPA was first developed AS a hormone replacement of some kind… Anyone else see this???

  6. So cool Lori – you are a natural on camera! Keep up the good work!

  7. Great clip! Thank you so much for all you do to support healthy and natural living. I appreciate you so much!

    Do you know if there is any evidence of exactly where we’re getting the most exposure to BPA? I’ve read that in addition to being in our food packaging it’s also in stain resistant carpeting and almost all recycled paper, including toilet paper!

    I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed with trying to remove it from our lives and very discouraged by the FDA’s decision. But I am happy to hear that the FDA is still funding further testing.

  8. Thanks for being so supportive Mike.

  9. Thanks Cat!

  10. Thanks so much Tiffany!

  11. Thanks for being so supportive Stephanie! I really appreciate it.

  12. The planning piece is sometimes challenging for me Kristina. Dried beans-unless they are lentils-take so much longer to prepare. I like you suggestion to make them and then freeze them. Then they’re ready for a quick mean. Did you find a good recipe for baked beans? I haven’t seen the article about BPA being a hormone replacement. Let me know if you find the link.

  13. You’re so sweet Micaela! Thank you.

  14. Thank YOU Shelly. Unfortunately, BPA is everywhere. It ends up in recycled toilet paper since some of the paper recycled can contain BPA. It is definitely overwhelming and needs to be regulated!

  15. Great interview, Lori! So happy you’ve spoken out for not only your family, but for ours, too.

  16. Congrats Lori, you should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, and you should also know what a great role model you are for my teenage girls – they are quite impressed with what you’re doing. It can be hard to get them to make healthly choices all the time, but I think seeing you in action makes a big difference and is something they’ll remember and carry forward with them as they grow into independent,healthy young women.

  17. Thank you so much Lori.

  18. Hi Rosemary, words can’t express how much your comment means to me. To know that I’m impacting your girls and encouraging them to make good choices makes what I’m doing worthwhile. Thanks for making me cry 🙂

  19. Congratulations and thank you for all of your efforts. The piece is wonderful!

  20. Wow … fabulous piece, Lori! I hope every mom, everywhere, sees it and takes action. Mom Power + Dollar Power = Positive Change!

  21. Thanks so much Mikelle!

  22. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support.

  23. Awesome Lori..so great to see your hard work pay off with some national coverage for you and your passion for green living!!! I only wish there had been a plug for your great site of course! congrats!

  24. You are very sweet Jen! My blog name was actually under my name during the segment-I think it was pretty hard to see!

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