March 26th, 2012

Meatless Monday Menu: Pasta Bar

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Pasta, Fusilli, Whole wheat

I jumped on board the Meatless Monday movement a few months ago.  Meatless Monday is a campaign encouraging people to improve their health and improve the health of the planet by lowering their meat consumption.   I don’t eat red meat, but turkey and fish are often found on our dinner table.

There are so many different ways to green your Meatless Monday and most are relatively simple to incorporate into a meal. My Meatless Monday can (and does)  happen any day of the week. There are so many great recipes out there that don’t include meat-thanks to Meatless Monday we have tried so many new foods.

We have a new Meatless Monday staple in our house. You’ll find this easy meal on our table at least once a week. My kids LOVE it and if you’re up to it you can get pretty creative with the add-ons.

Meatless Monday Pasta Bar

Instructions for your very own pasta bar:

Make pasta. Whole wheat pasta is our pasta of choice.

Whole Wheat Pasta in bowl

Put your favorite warm marinara sauce in a bowl on the table.

Tomato sauce

Set out a few different types of cheese.

organic Cheese

Now for the veggies. Our favorite: organic roasted broccoli.

organic brocolli

Add a few different types of organic beans.

Organic Beans

Now it’s time to have some fun. Give everyone a bowl and let them mix and match to make their own perfect pasta dish.

Bon Appétit!

What would you add to make the perfect meatless pasta dish?


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13 Responses to “Meatless Monday Menu: Pasta Bar”

  1. Awesome idea Lori! This would suit all tastes!

  2. We eat many meatless meals during the week, and pasta is a dish that everyone will eat! The perfect pasta dish for me is some rigatoni topped with garlic, olive oil, and herbs. And of course plenty of Parmesan too.

  3. Thanks Paula. It works well in our house-the kids love it!

  4. I have to admit-I’m with you Michelle. Nothing like pasta with a little garlic, olive oil and seasoning.

  5. I love this idea, will have to try it soon. It has the added bonus of sauce on the side which means the kids can’t complain there is sauce on their pasta when they are the ones who put it on!

  6. I love roasted broccoli with pasta! I also do roasted eggplant or mushrooms. So good.

  7. I’m a big fan of roasted eggplant too. Really any type of roasted vegetable works on pasta.

  8. Hi Marsha, I have two kids who like sauce on their pasta and one that doesn’t. Putting the sauce on the side and letting them decide if it works is a big bonus! You’re right-if they make the choice then no chance for complaints!

  9. Brilliant! Luckily my partner and I pretty much agree on the ingredients we like, so I don’t have to prepare meals this way. However, for his birthday next month, we’re planning on making homemade pizza. To accommodate all the different preferences among our guests, I’m going to assign each ingredient its own bowl, and people can create personal pizzas! This mouth-watering post is giving me ideas on what to include. 🙂

  10. This is a great idea!…You have to try the Ezekiel Pasta…Very yummy!

  11. I do have to try it Jenn!

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