April 17th, 2014

Hey Walgreens, We Still Want Safer Products

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Groovy Green Livin Walgreens Mind the Store

Yesterday was a big day. Thousands of people across the nation asked Walgreens to get serious about toxic chemicals. I was one of the thousands.

I went to my local Walgreens to ask them to Mind the Store. And this wasn’t my first visit to Walgreens asking that very same question.

What is the Mind the Store Campaign?

In 2013, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families launched the Mind the Store campaign. The campaign was created to ask our nation’s top ten retailers to avoid carrying the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer,infertilitylearning and developmental disabilities, behavioral problems,obesity, diabetes, and asthma.

Walgreens, the largest drug store chain nationwide, hasn’t responded to our campaign.

My Visit to Walgreens

This visit I had a chance to meet with the store manager and one other employee. We had a fabulous conversation. 

Groovy Green Livin Walgreens Mind the Store

I let them know that, as a customer, I’m finding it increasingly hard to find safe products free of toxic chemicals. Due to our lax federal laws on toxic chemicals, products filled with toxins are ending up on the shelves in Walgreens. 

We talked about the new study by HealthyStuff.org showing a range of products that Walgreens sells containing one or more toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals include PVC, phthalates, and heavy metals that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive problems and cancer.

The store manager responded with a “Wow! That’s a lot of chemicals!”

Groovy Green Livin Walgreens Mind the Store

Given that their competitors like Target and Walmart  have already begun to take comprehensive action, we want Walgreens to feel the heat and be the next major retailer to develop a corporate chemicals policy.

The store employees promised to pass the message along to their corporate office. Fingers crossed that they follow through.

Take Action

Walgreens is the nation’s largest drugstore chain, and they have the power — and moral responsibility — to ensure that the products they sell do not contain dangerous chemicals harmful to our health.

Unfortunately, Walgreens has yet to respond to our repeated letters and requests to do something.

Join me along with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to call on Walgreens to Mind the Store and protect our families from unnecessary dangerous chemicals.

Send them a message HERE. I promise it will only take a few seconds.

Do you find it hard to find products without toxic chemicals?

Thank you to my 10 year old for his extraordinary patience while filming the video above. 

Check out some of the experiences people had at Walgreens:

20 Responses to “Hey Walgreens, We Still Want Safer Products”

  1. Honestly, I would rather see a campaign to change our laws. Until these chemicals are illegal, manufacturers will continue to make them and stores will continue to sell them.

  2. I don’t normally shop at walgreens but if they change and stop selling products with toxins then maybe I will think about shopping there. But until then I will not spend a penny there. Great post!

  3. Lori – fantastic post and video! That’s so rad you were able to have a good conversation with the store manager. With your help, hopefully Walgreens will Mind the Store!

  4. Good for you for taking action, being friendly, and having a positive conversation with their workers.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted..6 Ways to Ditch DisposablesMy Profile

  5. You tell ’em Lori! Impressed that you charmed this handsome Walgreens manager into taking a photo with you.

  6. Good work Lori! Thanks for speaking out on such an important issue!
    (I see a possible career path for your son – great video!)
    Micaela @MindfulMomma recently posted..Standardized Testing: Healthy Ways to Prepare Your KidsMy Profile

  7. “That’s a lot of chemicals” Darn right! Love the video and report back. Glad you had a good experience, I am so proud of everyone. This is especially great that you participated since Walgreens was your store when we launched. Fingers crossed they will respond!

  8. Great job, Lori!

  9. Lori, thanks for letting me know about these toxins and for talking to Walgreens about the possibility of their no longer carrying them. I just found out about you today through the Home in Harmony Master Class. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  10. Thanks very much for your comment Brooks. Hope you are enjoying the Home in Harmony Master Class!

  11. Thanks so much Lynn. Glad you were able to participate too. Our collective voices will make a difference!

  12. Thanks for organizing such a fantastic event Lindsay. Hopefully Walgreens will take the lead and make some changes to protect us all.

  13. Thanks Micaela! Yes, my son had fun filming-although it was freezing outside.

  14. Ha! Thanks Anne. So glad we could participate in this one together. Too bad we don’t live closer!

  15. Thanks Betsy. Actually the Walgreens employees were lovely. So nice to talk with.

  16. Thanks Mike. Great job with this event! Fingers crossed that Walgreens will step forward and take the lead on this.

  17. Thanks so much for voicing your opinion. It’s very important that Walgreens knows how consumers are feeling. We won’t stand for toxic chemicals on their shelves!

  18. Thanks for your comment Heather. I understand where you’re coming from. It’s very frustrating. While we are waiting for legislative changes it’s also very important to demand changes on the consumer side. Hopefully retailers will see that we, as consumers, care about the products we buy. Our dollars speak!

  19. […] on a campaign called Mind the Store for almost a year. Remember when I went into Walgreens and asked them to take steps to remove toxic chemicals from products they sell? I’ve also traveled to Washington DC- twice- to fight for safer […]

  20. […] been working on the Mind the Store campaign for a few years. Remember my multiple trips to Walgreens asking them to Mind the Store? We’ve had many wins, with the most recent being Macy’s […]

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