September 23rd, 2010

Healthy Home Improvements Brought to you by Healthy Child Healthy World

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Photo used under Creative Commons from James Thompson

Thinking of renovating your home anytime in the near future? Check out Healthy Child Healthy World  September Blog Carnival focusing on healthy home improvements.

Healthy Child Healthy World is leading a movement that educates parents, supports protective policies, and engages communities to make responsible decisions, simple everyday choices, and well-informed lifestyle improvements to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish.

In this months Carnival you will find all kinds of eco-conscious tips for remodeling and creating a safe and healthy home, coming to you from insightful bloggers throughout the green blogosphere. The topics covered are  renovating an “old”  new home, creating a new nursery, green bedrooms for big kids, greening your home, buying a natural bed, carpeting and allergens and replacing moldy insulation.

No VOC and Low VOC Paint-A Simple and Healthy Way to Improve Your Home is my contribution to this great resource for anyone who is thinking about remodeling their living space.


September Blog Carnival: Healthy Home Improvements

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I’m Lori Popkewitz Alper, a recovering attorney and the Founder of Groovy Green Livin. I like to make noise and stir the pot especially when an issue hits home and effects the health of our families. Join me as I make some noise and share along the way tips for living a green and healthy life. Read more.

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