November 11th, 2011

Groovy Green Friday Follow- Up

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Fall tree

This week was a busy one with lots of groovy green tidbits to share.


We can make a difference. Healthy Child Healthy World shared a post entitled Rock the Cradle Rule the World. In the post Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, executive director and CEO of HCHW, emphasized the strong and powerful voices bloggers have and the impact we are having on the fight to protect children’s environmental health. One place we are making a big difference is in the fight against BPA in canned goods. If you haven’t already, sign the petition to ask Campbell’s to stop using BPA in their products.

Groovy Green Livin around the web

Energy efficient homes. Those cold winter months are right around the corner. If you’re looking for a few simple tips for making your home more energy efficient check out my post this week over at Momtastic.

Video clip. I had a lot of fun making this video clip with Abe’s Market on how to start going green.  In the video you’ll find lots of tips to make going green, simple, manageable and fun!

Sponsor specials

Black Friday is almost here and with that comes the kick off for holiday shopping.  I feel very fortunate to have some wonderful sponsors on this site. Their participation helps to support my continued efforts to make the world a better place for us all. As a way of saying thanks,  I wanted to share with you a few holiday specials these sponsors are offering exclusively to Groovy Green Livin readers.

  • Ethical Ocean. As I mentioned last week, Ethical Ocean is a really cool, eco-friendly shop with unique gifts for everyone, including your pets! I put together a list of favorite ‘green’ holiday gifts over at there.  One of my favorite gifts is the adorable bib.  Through Sunday Ethical Ocean is offering Groovy Green Livin readers a special discount of 10% off all purchases. Just enter the code: GroovyHoliday at checkout.
  • Blissful Buddhas. Julie at Blissful Buddhas is a talented artist whose work is all about manifesting peace through art. Blissful Buddhas has an assortment of tees, totes, tanks and original art work.  Blissful Buddhas is offering Groovy Green Livin readers a discount of 20% off through the month of November.
  • My- Ecobaby Store. Looking for Organic and eco-friendly baby products? My- Ecobaby Store has a large selection to choose from. Groovy Green Livin readers will get 10% off all purchases when you enter the code: Groovy10 at checkout.

While you are shopping remember to be a green consumer this holiday season. 

What are the plans for the weekend? Whatever they are enjoy!!

[Photo credit to the o-so-talented Joel Alper]

Disclosure: Ethical Ocean, Blissful Buddhas and My-Ecobaby store are all sponsors of this site. I am an affiliate for Ethical Ocean so any purchases through the link in this post will put a few pennies in my pocket. Thank you!

4 Responses to “Groovy Green Friday Follow- Up”

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  2. This weekend I did an eco-unfriendly thing and drove out of town for a birthday bash. But it was a milestone birthday, so hopefully that makes it okay! Not something I’d do on a regular basis. 🙂

  3. I hope it was amazing Andrea! Everything in moderation, right?? You are eco-friendly most of the time-it’s OK to lapse once in a while. Where did you go?

  4. Yes, everything in moderation! The party location was in a small town about 160 km / 100 miles from where I live. It’s actually a beautiful, relaxing drive that I look forward to when I head in that direction a couple times a year. An occasional splurge, you could say!

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