March 24th, 2011

Join Me and Commit to Earth Hour

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Earth Hour Groovy Green LivinOn Saturday, March 28, 2015, take the time to turn off your lights at 8:30 pm (in your local time zone) for Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a worldwide collective display of commitment to protect something that unites us all – the planet.

Who participates in Earth Hour?

Hopefully you do! Earth Hour was spearheaded in 2007 by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Sydney, Australia. The movement has grown exponentially and now includes the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Golden Gate Bridge and other iconic buildings and landmarks throughout the world.

Here are a few ideas for honoring Earth Hour:

  • Have a candle light dinner
  • Check out the stars
  • Play a board game by candle light
  • Talk and tell stories
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Have a romantic, early evening

How will you be spending Earth Hour?

I challenge you to go beyond the hour and continue on a daily basis to take action to make our world a better place.

Where will you be this Saturday night at 8:30 pm?  Can you commit to turning off your lights?

With Earth Hour almost upon us, I join in with the creators of Earth Hour by sending my thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan during this incredibly challenging and sad time for their country.

For more information about Earth Hour check out

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photo credit: NASA GOES-11 Full Disk view March 26, 2010 via photopin (license)

22 Responses to “Join Me and Commit to Earth Hour”

  1. Interestingly, I will be out having dinner with a friend this Earth Hour. Will be interesting to see if the restaurant does anything. May just need to suggest it…..

  2. This is really neat, I will need to try to convince my husband that we should participate. I like your fun suggestions to still enjoy the evening.

  3. We of course do Earth Hour much to my husband’s chagrin. I like to be doing something with the rest of the world to bring attention to saving energy and so much more. Just a great feeling that I think extends to action among the people of the world.

  4. A lot of people have mentioned their Earth Hour conflict with March Madness 🙂 What do you do with your family during the hour?

  5. Thanks Michelle. You’ll have to let me know if you are able to convince your hubby!

  6. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised when the lights go out in the restaurant! Keep me posted.

  7. I’ll be with ya in the dark mama! Reading tiny fonts by candlelight!!

  8. Hey Lori! I usually switch off lights for Earth Hour and also think about how I can reduce my carbon footprint from last year 🙂
    This Saturday at 8:30pm I’ll be participating in an Earth Hour event at my local astronomy society

  9. Ugh, I feel so conflicted about this. That’s probably why this year, I haven’t made specific plans yet. Guess I’ll have to do what feels natural when the clock strikes 8:30!

  10. You are so cute Petunia! I love feeling connected to everyone during this hour of darkness.

  11. Andrea- what are you feeling conflicted about? Doing what feels right when the time comes is a great approach and hopefully stress free.

  12. Great that you are thinking about how to reduce your carbon footprint. Any good ideas? I just checked out the site and the events scheduled look amazing! There is no better way to check out the universe-telescopes in complete darkness. You are very lucky to have something like this in your neck of the woods. Have a great time!

  13. Hm, I guess I’m conflicted about the utility of doing this. For someone like me who actively tries to reduce my energy use all 365 days a year, it’s less meaningful. And when I think about how many people go right back to their computers, cell phones, TVs, and video games when the hour is up… let’s just say I try not to think about it.

    How about unplugging from electronics once a week for an hour? It could be a Tuesday night one week, and a Sunday afternoon the next. Or committing to getting more sleep, because that means spending less time with the lights/computer/TV on at night. There are so many ways to do this and make a bigger difference. I think I’ve outgrown Earth Hour.

  14. Andrea-I understand your dilemma. I think of the hour as merely symbolic-the true goal of Earth Hour is to encourage people to commit to an action, big or small, for the coming year, taking Earth Hour beyond the hour. In the area that I live we have a month of unplugged activities. I agree-for someone already committed to reducing their energy usage throughout the year, an hour without might not seem worthwhile. I guess I see it as a symbolic gesture towards something bigger. I do like your idea to commit to unplugging once a week. There sure are a lot of ways to think about this and make a difference. The question is how to spread the word? Earth Hour has been extremely successful reaching the world. Thoughts?

  15. Indeed, as a symbol, I’m amazed at how many people participate. As for inspiring longer-lasting actions, that’s always the big question with no simple solutions, isn’t it? 🙂

  16. We turned out the lights, lit some candles and the kids loved it, they asked if we could do Earth Hour tomorrow? I like the awareness it brings, and perhaps it will get more than just a few people thinking!

  17. I know….no easy answer to all of this. It is amazing how far reaching Earth Hour is. Hope you had a nice weekend Andrea.

  18. Did you do Earth Hour on Sunday also? So glad your kids loved it-it’s a fun change of pace. I think we would have had better luck tonight! You are right-it really spread far and wide this year, bringing the awareness to so many.

  19. It’s really great how the whole world supported Earth Hour this year. Just hope that we can all go beyond the Earth Hour and do something for our environment before it’s too late. Choose eco-friendly and fair trade!

  20. The support this year was amazing. It was nice to see how many individuals and businesses were on board. I agree-I hope we can all go beyond the hour designated as Earth Hour and work towards preserving our planet on a daily basis.

  21. […] worldwide collective display of commitment to protect something that unites us all – the planet. I participated last year with my family and I have to admit that it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But we did it and so […]

  22. […] Earth Hour started in 2007 as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia to raise awareness about climate change. Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet. This is the 9th year and the movement continues to grow! […]

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