April 5th, 2016

How to Make the Switch to Clean Energy With MyDomino (Giveaway: Nest Programmable Thermostat!)

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How to Make the Switch to Clean Energy & MyDomino Nest Giveaway! Groovy Green Livin

 This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with MyDomino. I did receive compensation. All opinions are my own.

When you hear the phrase “clean energy” what do you think?  Clean energy is heat and electricity produced from renewable resources such as solar, wind and water. This form of energy generates little or no pollution or emissions when used. When our electricity comes from clean energy sources we avoid the carbon dioxide emissions that would have come from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, or natural gas. What a simple way to help prevent climate change!

Over the past few years we’ve been making small changes in our home to help reduce our carbon footprint. A few years ago we installed a tankless hot water heater (which I love). This water heater only provides hot water when needed and is therefore much more energy efficient than a standard storage hot water tank.

We also installed a Nest Programmable Thermostat and it doesn’t disappoint (*enter below to win your own Nest valued at $249!).  Nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself in about a week. It automatically turns itself down when nobody’s home to help you save energy. With the Nest app, you can change the temperature, check energy history and get an alert if your home is too hot or cold.

I have a long bucket list of simple energy efficient upgrades I’d like to make at home, but I never seem to get to them….until now.

What is MyDomino?

How to Make the Switch to Clean Energy & MyDomino Nest Giveaway! Groovy Green Livin
When I was contacted by MyDomino I had no idea what the company was all about. After doing a bit of research I soon discovered that it’s a pretty cool service that helps consumers make environmentally friendly choices in their own home. They help with everything from getting and comparing solar quotes to finding the right electric car to picking the right LED light bulbs for your home.

Here’s how it works*:

Sign up to speak with the MyDomino Energy Concierge service.

  1. Visit MyDomino.com. Click “Get Started” and submit your information.
  2. Your concierge will schedule a 15 minute phone call with you to discuss energy saving options.
  3. After your call you will receive a dashboard where you can purchase products and track your actions.
  4. MyDomino concierges are available to answer questions about their vetted products or about new clean energy projects you undertake, such as a solar installation or purchase of an electric vehicle.

I made an appointment and ended up speaking with a very knowledgeable concierge from MyDomino. During our short call I quickly discovered that MyDomino concierges are not pushy salespeople and do not work on commission. What I love most about MyDomino is how personalized their service is. They spend the time getting to know you and then make energy saving suggestions specific to your situation. During my consultation we ended up talking about adding solar to my home, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

If you’re wondering how MyDomino makes money they make a small referral fee from vendor products and services purchased through their site.

After my telephone consultation, I was sent an Energy Savings Plan tailored to my needs. The plan included several actions that I was able to take right away to start saving energy and money (switch to LED lights, wash laundry in cold water). On my personalized dashboard I was able to click on the suggestions and read additional articles filled with helpful information about energy savings possibilities.

MyDomino is a gem. Their service is so simple to use. Everything is laid out neatly and it’s easy to choose what energy saving actions will work for you and your family. There’s no pressure to do anything-it’s really up to you to decide what makes sense.

*MyDomino Nest Programmable Thermostat Giveaway (value $249)!

Now for the good stuff! The kind folks at MyDomino have  offered one Groovy Green Livin reader a Nest programmable thermostat. How cool is that?! There’s a two step process for entry (make an appointment and a short phone call with an Energy concierge) and you must enter by April 15, 2016.



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Disclaimer: I’m working in partnership with MyDomino for this post and I am compensated for my work. I also received a Nest programmable thermostat to test out. The opinions and thoughts contained in this post are 100% mine. I only work with companies I support and think you, my readers, will like. 

3 Responses to “How to Make the Switch to Clean Energy With MyDomino (Giveaway: Nest Programmable Thermostat!)”

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  2. […] Another great resource to help you with all of the above and more is to utilize the free services of MyDomino.com, where “personal concierges” make personalized energy saving suggestions, talk you through all kinds of product options, help you navigate larger issues like buying an electric car or switching to solar and create your customized energy saving plan. MyDomino makes their money off of small commissions they receive from the products you buy. To learn more about how MyDomino works, click here. […]

  3. I’m thrilled about winning this great thermostat. My current one is programmable but is 10 years old. Thank you so much.

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