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October 21st, 2014

5 Websites to Visit This Week

Groovy Green Livin Websites to Visit

There are a lot of websites out there. Sometimes, because of lack of time, I find it challenging to visit all the sites I want to check out. I’ve been trying to expand my horizons and explore websites that might not fit squarely under a green umbrella. There are so many talented writers providing an incredible service to their readers. I think I could spend days or maybe even weeks hunting them all down.

I thought you might like to check out a few that I stumbled upon this week.  These are new sites for me and I’m looking forward to spending some time browsing around over the next few weeks.

5 Websites You Won’t Want to Miss

Minimalist Baker

This website is run by John and Dana, a husband and wife team currently based in Kansas City. Here’s their about section: “We share simple, delicious recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.” I’m hooked.


If you have time to kill head on over to Timelapse . Watch how climate change has impacted the earth from 1987-2012 or see how a place has changed over a period of three decades through a series of satellite images from Google Maps. Warning: it’s addictive.

A Good Movie to Watch

How many countless hours have you spent searching for a movie? A Good Movie to Watch can help. It’s a movie suggestion website which directs you to a selection of little-known,good movies! I haven’t spent enough time on it yet to know if their suggestions are a good fit. Let me know what you find.

Healthy Slow Cooking

The author of Healthy Slow-Cooking, Kathy, has been eating meatless since 1983. She has a passion for teaching people how to eat better with less effort. Her recipes are simple and doable. Check out her recipe for Harry Potter’s Curried Pumpkin Burger -it looks mighty tasty.

The Lean Green Bean

The author of The Lean Green Bean, Lindsay, is a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio.  Her website shares her  passion for nutrition and healthy living, including healthy recipes, nutrition tips and workouts.

What are your favorite websites this week?

photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

October 16th, 2014

My Love Hate Relationship With Composting

Groovy Green Livin Composting

Composting hasn’t come easily for me. I’ve been trying on and off for the past few years to compost our kitchen scraps and encourage my family to do the same. Seems like a pretty simple task, yet I’m struggling.

I have all the right equipment- an outdoor compost bin and an indoor compost pail, which is always under the sink.

My composting system is in place, however I can’t get into a groove.

Here’s why composting isn’t working for me:

  1. The smell
  2. The fruit flies

The fruit fly problem was so awful last year that I ended up leaving the composting pail on our back deck for most of the winter.  I needed a composting vacation.

Now I’m back from my composting vacation and I’ve decided to take the NBC Green is Universal Eco Eats Challenge to compost kitchen food waste.

Here’s the challenge:

Give Compost A Chance: Food scraps make up 7 percent of household waste, on average. Try composting your food scraps instead of sending them to a landfill and and watch your garbage bag deflate.

Did you know that a typical household throws away an estimated 474 pounds of food waste each year. That means about 1.5 lbs per person a day in the U.S. Food scraps generated by all households in the United States could be piled on a football field more than five miles (26,400 feet) high. That’s a lot of waste.

The solution to my composting issues was simple: dump the compost pail outside in the compost bin daily so there’s no opportunity for fruit flies or that horrible smell to surface.

Here are a few tips to make kitchen scrap composting work for you.

  1. Invest in a quality compost pail for your kitchen.
  2. Do not compost meats, dairy and fish. Stick with other food scraps.
  3. Keep all pesticide and/or herbicide treated food scraps out of your compost bin and pail.
  4. Empty your containers daily to insure that no smell spreads throughout your kitchen or home. This will also keep the fruit flies away.

It’s amazing how I’ve reduced the amount of garbage we throw away by composting our kitchen food waste.

What’s your trick to composting? I’d love to hear.

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 Disclaimer: Please know that if you make a purchase using a link on this page, I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you), which in turn helps support this site. None of the companies I promote on this page have paid me, I just really like their products. Thank you in advance.

 Are you interested in ‘eco-eating’? NBC’s Green is Universal is hosting an “Eco Eats” sweepstakes from September 29 – October 17. To join, visit their free green-living tool, One Small Act, and join the “Eco Eats” challenge. Everyone who signs-up and tackles at least one action by October 17th will be entered to win one of five 6-month subscriptions to NatureBox. No Purchase Necessary. Must be US resident and 18+. Read official rules here.

Note: In exchange for participating in the challenge and writing this post, I was given a gift package from Green is Universal. All opinions here are still my own.”

photo credit: London Permaculture via photopin cc

October 14th, 2014

Known Cancer Causing Chemical Found in Always Pads


Groovy Green Livin cancer causing chemicals in Always Pads

It’s enough. I don’t know about you, but  I’m getting tired of hearing that there are cancer causing chemicals in products that go in and/or on our bodies.

This time we’re talking menstrual pads. Not a comfortable subject for some, but this is something we need to talk about. It’s time to put an end to toxic chemicals showing up in these products that come in direct contact with our bodies.

Groovy Green Livin Always Cancer causing chemical

Cancer causing chemicals found in Always pads

Our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth just discovered that Always pads release styrene, a known cancer causing chemical, along with chloroform, acetone, chloromethane, and other toxic chemicals listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, and reproductive and developmental toxins. 

Both scented and unscented Always Ultra Thin pads were tested, as well as scented and unscented Always Infinity.

None of these chemicals—and no ingredients whatsoever—are listed on the Always label.

The worst part? These secret toxic chemicals are coming into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on our bodies!

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine care products. Period.

What you can do

Always shareholders are meeting in Cincinnati TODAY to talk about what’s important to the company, and they need to hear from you!

Please take a moment to call Always and tell them to list ingredients so that we have the information we need to protect our health.

Always Customer Service number: 1 (800) 888-3115

Sample script:

Hello. I just saw test results from Women’s Voices for the Earth that show chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and allergies in Always pads – and no ingredients are listed on the label. We have a right to know what we’re using on our bodies. Please list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals.

Take action

Send an email HERE telling Always and Tampax to list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals!

Today Women’s Voices for the Earth and Naturally Savvy will be delivering over  21,000 signatures to the makers of Always from women demanding to know what’s in pads!

Did this info surprise you? How are you planning to take action? 

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photo credit: Timothy Valentine via photopin cc


October 10th, 2014

How to Cut and Peel a Mango

Groovy Green Livin mango

When a mango is ripe the flavor is magical. It is a little piece of nature’s candy.

Did you know there are over 1,000 varieties of mangoes? They’re known to help prevent cancer, improve digestion, boost your immune system and contain a big dose of Vitamin A for improved eye health.

All this good stuff added to our diet from one mango, yet I’m having a mango issue. It seems to happen every time I cut into one. They’re incredibly messy, especially when they’re ripe. Juice flies and drips everywhere. Because of this I can only eat a mango in the comfort of my own home, when no one’s around.

Definitely not a good first date food.

How to cut and peel a mango

I decided to do a little research to see how others were eating this delicious and nutritious fruit. I knew there had to be a way to eat them gracefully, or at least not like an animal in the jungle. Good news-there are tips and tricks that will revolutionize the way you cut and peel a mango. Here are the basics:

  • Wash it well.
  • Peel it-using a sharp knife peel away the skin.
  • Cut off the sides.
  • Slice the fruit into pieces.

Check out this video of Chef Allen Susser who shares a few pretty cool ways to slice and dice your mango.

I love this trick from lifehacker- How to Peel a Mango in Under 10 Seconds

You’ve got to check out how this guy uses a glass to peel his mango.

Would love to hear your tips and tricks for peeling and eating a mango. 


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photo credit: bangdoll@flickr via photopin cc

October 7th, 2014

10 Things I Learned at ShiftCon in Los Angeles

Groovy Green Livin ShiftCon

I’m back from ShiftCon in LA! ShiftCon is the very first international social media conference focusing on wellness, health, and the environment. What a fabulous experience. There’s so much to share, so I thought I would start off with things I learned (or realized) while at the conference.

1. I love my peeps. No, I mean I really love my peeps

Photo courtesy of Paige Wolf

Photo courtesy of Paige Wolf

We are not all the same. We have different opinions within a movement that’s making corporations stop and listen. We come from different places and different backgrounds. But we’re all working towards one goal: to make a difference and to make the world a better place for us all.

2. Meeting IRL makes a difference

Groovy Green Livin ShiftCon

 Trina from O’Boy Organic and Sarah from Mindfully Frugal Mom

Blogging is kind of a funky profession. Many of us collaborate online and have never met in real life. Heading to a conference like this and having an opportunity to hug a person with whom you’ve worked with for years is an incredible experience.

3. Together we can change the world

Groovy Green Livin The Food Babe at ShiftCon

After hearing Robyn O’Brien and Vani Hari, the Food Babe,  give keynotes and feeling the brilliant and inspirational energy in the panel rooms, I have no doubt that together we can change the world. There are smart women and men out there (and I mean really smart) working tirelessly to make sure that happens and I have no doubt that it will.

4. Competition is out and collaboration is in

The profession of green and sustainable blogging thrives on people working together towards a few goals. Rarely have I encountered someone within the green blogging sphere who wasn’t willing to share information.

5. I love speaking in public

Groovy Green Livin ShiftCon Social Media and Blogging for Change

Social Media and Blogging for Change Panel presented by Lindsay Dahl of Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Trina O’Boyle from O’Boy Organics and me.

A few years back, when I was practicing law I used to get physically sick before a trial. I was always well prepared, but the thought of speaking in public took hold and did a number on me. Over the past few years my public speaking opportunities have increased. At first I was hesitant to take any on for fear that I would become physically ill. Slowly I’ve been accepting more and more and I’m finding that I love speaking in front of an audience. Whether it’s in front of television cameras or speaking on a panel, I can’t get enough. I finally figured out why-because I’m speaking about something that I’m passionate about and it’s coming from my heart.

6. We need more men to show up at ShiftCon next year

There were a token few. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike, The Green Dad, who bravely decided to come to this conference among a sea of mainly women. We need more men. Their reach is different and their voice is needed to bring this movement to all.

7. We each have a unique perspective to bring to the table

It always amazes me that although we have so much in common we can also have so much diversity. Some of us come from conservative religious backgrounds and others from the left of left. But it doesn’t matter. That’s how we reach everyone.

8. You won’t be alone if you decide to wake up at 6:30 am to practice yoga or run a 5k

Coming from the East Coast,  it wasn’t bad waking up at 6:30 for an exercise fix. Thankfully I wasn’t alone.

Groovy Green Livin Shiftcon Yoga and 5K

 Penelope Jagessar Chaffer from Toxic Baby, Margie Kelley from Breast Cancer Fund and Paige Wolf from Spit That Out!

9. It’s possible to have delicious, healthy food at a conference

I’ve been to quite a few conferences and usually the food is nothing to write home about. The food was fabulous at ShiftCon- fresh, non-GMO, organic and healthy.

10. Green brands are where it’s at

When I first walked into the exhibit hall it was incredible to see all the brands and organizations that believed in and invested in this conference. I saw so many familiar faces including my Stonyfield crew, Organic Valley, Applegate, and Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. It’s not an inexpensive endeavor to set up a table at a conference. Thank you to each and every one of them for taking that leap of faith.

A special long distance hug to my friend and colleague, Micaela of Mindful Momma who wasn’t able to come to ShiftCon this year. Our thoughts go out to her and her family.

What were your top takeaways from ShiftCon? Who’s planning to go next year?


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September 30th, 2014

ShiftCon: Shift Happens. Be a Part of It. I’m Speaking!

Groovy Green Livin ShiftCon

The eco wellness community is many members strong. Our bonds have been strengthened by our online connection and an occasional meet face-to-face. Our friendships and collaborative efforts continue to grow, but there’s something missing in our tight and powerful community. We’re lacking a space to exchange ideas and information in real life. There are countless blogging conferences out there to choose from, but none of them are designed specifically for us.

Until now. Finally someone’s decided to step up to the plate to change that.

We all know there’s something much more magical that happens when we collaborate face-to-face.

A little over a year ago I was at BlogHer, a blogging conference in Chicago, and I had the good fortune of connecting with Leah Segedie (third over from the left in the photo above), the founder of Mamavation and the powerhouse behind a new conference that’s launching this coming weekend in Los Angeles called ShiftCon.

During that conference last summer ShiftCon was only a dream, but it has blossomed into a reality. Through the hard work of Leah Segedie and her team at Mamavation this conference is happening and I couldn’t be more excited.

This weekend I’ll be hopping on a plane to Los Angeles to collaborate with so many of my colleagues in the green world, many of whom I’ve never met in real life.

ShiftCon is the very first international social media conference focusing on wellness, health, and the environment. This conference blends workshops, networking, parties, and intense collaboration of changemakers all over the United States and Canada in one place.

Stay tuned for photos and updates. This one below is from one of my favorites from the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Stroller Brigade.

Groovy Green Livin Safer Chemicals Healthy Families

I’m Speaking! If You’re Headed to ShiftCon Come Join Me!  Social Media for Change

Not only will I be spending time with so many green colleagues, but I’ll also be speaking at this conference! I’m on a panel called Social Media For Change alongside two of my friends and colleagues, Lindsay Dahl (in the middle of this photo) and Trina O’Boyle (on the far left in the top photo).

The panel will be happening on Friday, October 3rd at 1:30 pm PST. Be there!

If you’re interested in using your writing and your leverage to make a difference in the world, here’s why this panel is for you!

We’ll be covering some important questions when it comes to a successful social media campaign.

  • How can my writing fit into a larger movement and have the highest impact?
  • How can I start and run a successful petition? And do they matter?
  • Is there a best practice for taking social causes with out being too political?
  • What is the best social media network to break out of the “echo chamber”?
  • How to run a successful campaign.

Enter our raffle!

If you attend our panel in person, we’ll be collecting business cards for a live raffle.

The prize:

You’ll get the chance to work one on one with our panel after the conference to help analyze opportunities to make your social impact stronger. Are you interested in running a petition about an issue you care about? We’ll help you craft that petition and create a successful campaign. Want to take on topics that may alienate some of your base? Get expert messaging advice how to build the movement without offending people. Want advice on which non-profit partners are the best to work with on the topics you care about most? We’ll help recommend the best organizations in the field.

Let me know if you’re planning to be at ShiftCon! I’d love to connect with you. 


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September 26th, 2014

My Appearance on The Weather Channel: Talking With Your Kids About Climate Change

Groovy Green Livin Lori Alper on The Weather Channel

How I Ended Up on The Weather Channel

One of my favorite things about my job is the unpredictability of each day. Unexpected events pop up all the time, keeping me on my toes. This week I was invited to appear on The Weather Channel, AMHQ with Sam Champion! I’m incredibly grateful to the wonderful team at Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF) for supporting me and recommending me for this incredible opportunity. As many of you know,  I work closely with Moms Clean Air Force as a writer on their site.

I was asked by The Weather Channel to appear in two segments, both of which aired yesterday. In the first segment an asthma specialist was interviewed about the high number of asthma related ER visits in September. I was asked to come up with a few questions for the physician and share stories about what it’s like to raise a child with asthma. I ended up having a very short appearance in this piece.

My big debut came in the second segment, where I had a chance to discuss how to talk about climate change with your kids, and how to raise a responsible child who’s cognizant of how his/her actions affect the environment.

Here’s the clip:

It always amazes me how a half hour interview can be edited down to 2 minutes and 46 seconds! And that was actually long for a segment.

A big thank you to Sam Champion, Maria LaRosa (who is also a mom to 3 boys!) and The Weather Channel for featuring and supporting our growing group of “mom bloggers” (I don’t love that classification, but that’s for a different blog post) and for the willingness to cover important topics such as climate change and the rising rate of children with asthma.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

xo Lori


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