October 14th, 2014

Known Cancer Causing Chemical Found in Always Pads

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Groovy Green Livin cancer causing chemicals in Always Pads

It’s enough. I don’t know about you, but  I’m getting tired of hearing that there are cancer causing chemicals in products that go in and/or on our bodies.

This time we’re talking menstrual pads. Not a comfortable subject for some, but this is something we need to talk about. It’s time to put an end to toxic chemicals showing up in these products that come in direct contact with our bodies.

Groovy Green Livin Always Cancer causing chemical

Cancer causing chemicals found in Always pads

Our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth just discovered that Always pads release styrene, a known cancer causing chemical, along with chloroform, acetone, chloromethane, and other toxic chemicals listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, and reproductive and developmental toxins. 

Both scented and unscented Always Ultra Thin pads were tested, as well as scented and unscented Always Infinity.

None of these chemicals—and no ingredients whatsoever—are listed on the Always label.

The worst part? These secret toxic chemicals are coming into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on our bodies!

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine care products. Period.

What you can do

Always shareholders are meeting in Cincinnati TODAY to talk about what’s important to the company, and they need to hear from you!

Please take a moment to call Always and tell them to list ingredients so that we have the information we need to protect our health.

Always Customer Service number: 1 (800) 888-3115

Sample script:

Hello. I just saw test results from Women’s Voices for the Earth that show chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and allergies in Always pads – and no ingredients are listed on the label. We have a right to know what we’re using on our bodies. Please list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals.

Take action

Send an email HERE telling Always and Tampax to list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals!

Today Women’s Voices for the Earth and Naturally Savvy will be delivering over  21,000 signatures to the makers of Always from women demanding to know what’s in pads!

Did this info surprise you? How are you planning to take action? 

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22 Responses to “Known Cancer Causing Chemical Found in Always Pads”

  1. This wasn’t on my radar, thanks for the heads up Lori. I’ll be calling Always during my lunch break. It’s amazing that something as intimate as feminine care products could contain harmful chemicals. #TSCAReformPls

  2. I had no idea. Thankfully I haven’t used these in a long time – because of my IUD which now I am second guessing that decision too. UGH! I will be sharing with others!
    Trina O’Boyle recently posted..REAL FOOD Menu Plan 10.13.14My Profile

  3. I will definitely send an email. Styrene????? I am so glad I have learned about greener menstrual products before my daughters are old enough to need them.
    Betsy (Eco-novice) recently posted..7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Exposure to Toxic Flame RetardantsMy Profile

  4. I have a friend that is really an active advocate for changing these issues.

  5. Oh my goodness. This is so scary! What are we doing to our environment and ourselves?!

  6. Thank you! Admittedly, I know these things and have reusable items, but have been lazy and using disposables. Time to switch back!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted..B’s first Halloween is almost here | $75 Babies R Us Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  7. You said it! I am so tired of hearing how personal care products being laden with cancer causing ingredients (that aren’t even listed!!!). I sent an email and am sharing. Insanity!
    Green Bean recently posted..Service Projects for Kids?My Profile

  8. This scares the crap out of me. I buy organic any chance I get but my oldest daughter prefers these types. Ugh! But as long as I’m the one buying them she will have to use what I purchase. I have 4 daughters so this is something I need to worry about. Great post!

  9. Thanks for providing the script and contact information, Lori. It makes it even simpler to take action by removing any barriers! I buy organic personal care products myself after I found out about the toxins in these products. More women need to be informed and I’m glad you are there to help!
    Sara Vartanian recently posted..Ditch The Toxins: Give Yourself A Beauty Product AuditMy Profile

  10. I can’t believe I used these when I was a teenager. Great information that I will definitely share in case people I know still use these.
    Jen @ Go Green recently posted..Build Your Own Compost Bin BagMy Profile

  11. I had more than one nurse tell me in my younger years that pads were much safer for women’s health but it seems these are probably just as bad.
    Leigh @greenforu recently posted..Advice For A New Nursing MotherMy Profile

  12. Without being too graphic Leigh- I think since the tampon goes inside it could be considered in closer contact. What do you think?

  13. I think we all did Jen. Scary stuff…. Thanks for sharing and getting the info out there. So much better to make a decision about what to purchase with all the facts.

  14. This is insane! Are there organic feminine hygiene products you use or recommend as alternatives for Always?

  15. Great question Amy. There are plenty of organic options out there. Also, there’s something called a menstrual cup that many women are turning to. I’ve written about SoftCup on my site several times.

  16. Is this meaning all always pads cause the cancer

  17. I joined a womens health study this week. In the literature included with the study, Always brand products are listed specifically as a “do not use” product. I had been using the small pads because they worked well and I didn’t do any pre use research. I’ve tossed the remaining ones in the trash now.

  18. I hate what they do to us! I’ve found a safer alternative for my wofe and girls to use. If you want more information email me at loutube314@gmail.com and I can send you a video to watch. We need to fight back and educate more women on this matter.

  19. Oh waow! My sister sent this to me today and I am beyond stunned. I will definitely be exploring other options and switching.
    Thank you for this.

  20. Love this post! Now We No is the campaign that is informing men and women all over the world about the harmful effects that today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies. It is the brainchild of Nspire Network’s founders and is consistent with our philosophy of being mission driven people. The Now We No movement will partner with women’s organizations and cancer awareness groups internationally to host 5k walks, bike rides and basketball games to bring awareness to this potential life threatening issue.

    In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require companies to list the ingredients contained in sanitary napkins and tampons, yet the average woman uses more than 15,000 sanitary napkins, or has a tampon inside of her, for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime.

    Visit my Facebook page in the link or email me soon. #NowWeNo Cherish Her!

  21. I had no idea about this! Until I started to be in pain from them so I emailed the company today after looking on the packaging to see if they have latex in/on them. [There is no information on the site] I stopped using them in hs when they added the blue gel bc it made me very ill. This information is so helpful! Thank you !

  22. Thank you for sharing, Nicci. I’m so sorry you experienced so much pain from Always pads. Glad you stopped using them!

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