May 15th, 2012

Boston Restaurant Review: Life Alive

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Groovy Green Livin Life Alive Organic Cafe

When a restaurant really knocks my socks off I want to share the news. On Mother’s Day we celebrated with another family and decided to try out a vegetarian restaurant, Life Alive in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The restaurant’s tag line is “Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe”-I was already sold before tasting a bite.  The exterior and interior of the space is hip and happening. The line to enter was out the door when we arrived, but it moved quickly. There were plenty of options-including vegan- and everything is fresh and organic. The organic vegetables looked like they were straight from a local garden.

Groovy Green Livin Life Alive Organic Cafe

The adults were able to chose quickly, but the kids took a while longer. They didn’t see the usual hamburger, hotdog and fries on this menu. The kids rose to the occasion-I loved their adventurous spirit and willingness to try new foods. The kicker was the lengthy smoothie selection. The kids were now sold. Many of the smoothies were dairy free, using almond milk and rice milk.

Check out this delicious sandwich:

Groovy Green Livin Organic Sandwich

The three bean chilli was delicious. My Explorer salad, with red lentil hummus, sesame stix and greens, was unbelievable. In addition to the cafe’s endless selection of vegetarian fare, the restaurant offers simple snacks such as The Crunchy Hippie, which is locally made granola and dried fruit.

Groovy Green Livin Organic Meal

If you’re in the Boston area this is one stop not to be missed.

Other locations for Life Alive: Lowell and Salem Massachusetts.

Do you have a vegetarian or organic restaurant near you?

8 Responses to “Boston Restaurant Review: Life Alive”

  1. I LOVE this place. I didn’t realize they had more than one location. I’ve only ever been to Lowell. So good you don’t even miss the meat. I wish I could make it that good at home!!! thanks for sharing. We should meet for lunch 😉

  2. I agree Kristina-it was delicious! I would love to meet for lunch.

  3. Live Alive rocks!!! I’ve been to the Lowell location. The Adventurer dish seduced my tastebuds. I had to get another one “to go” for my lunch the next day. I pleaded with the owner to consider our town as another place to open shop, however she was in the midst of opening the Salem location. She has our town on her radar!

  4. ps- I just send the owner a link to your blog. Consider giving her another plug for opening up in our town.

  5. I’ll have to try the Adventurer next time Joan. It would be wonderful to have one open right in our backyards!

  6. Thank you for doing this Joan.

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