January 30th, 2012

Book Giveaway! Take a Deep Breath: Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child

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Baby sleeping 2

Around 11 p.m. most nights I begin my nightly ritual. This routine has been in place since my three boys were born. I methodically go from one bedroom to the next listening for the same sound. Sometimes I hear it right away and other times it takes a few seconds, but I don’t leave until the sound I’m waiting for is confirmed: their breath. Then I’m able to sleep.

When my kids were infants there were times when their breath sounded different or strange. There were nights when they would snore or hold their breath for what felt like an eternity.

Then came asthma. When one of my son’s was around 2 years old we started what became our annual trip to the hospital for severe breathing problems related to asthma. Watching him wheeze and struggle for a single breath is a vision that’s hard to shake. And I know I’m not alone. There are so many children and families afflicted with breathing issues.

Review and Giveaway

Take a Deep BreathThere’s a new resource available for both new and veteran parents that would have been incredibly helpful when my children were infants: Take a Deep Breath: Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child, a book written by Dr. Nina Shapiro.

Read my review of the book over at Moms Clean Air Force. Thanks to Dr. Shapiro, two lucky winners will receive their own copy of Take a Deep Breath. To enter head on over to Moms Clean Air Force and join the force then leave a comment under my review on the Moms Clean Air Force site letting us know that you joined. It’s that simple!

Disclosure: Thank you to Dr. Nina Shapiro for a complimentary copy of this book to review. The opinions expressed in the review are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.

[Photo used under Creative Commons from Seth Baur/Flickr]

10 Responses to “Book Giveaway! Take a Deep Breath: Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child”

  1. I do the same thing. Do you think we will ever stop checking?

    Also, it is really challenging when there is a dog or two in the room with them and they are breathing loudly or snoring.

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever stop Marsha. Have you read the children’s book “I’ll Love You Forever” ? Your question made me think of that book. I cry every time I read it.

  3. I listen for little E breaths when she is sleeping, too!

  4. Hi Stephanie, It’s so comforting to hear them breathing and sleeping, isn’t it?

  5. Me too, i check breathing, give kisses, then I just watch them for a bit. They look sooo angelic.

  6. I was just commenting over at Moms Clean Air Force about how I check to make sure my son is breathing too! I see a few of the previous commenters do that too. Must be a universal thing!

    Just wanted to thank you personally for reading the book and writing the review. You were the perfect fit, and your review was great!

  7. Hi Trish, I think as parents listening for our children’s breath is just an innate need! Thank you for your kind words. I truly enjoyed reading the book. There was so much great information. If only this book had been around when my kids were infants-I would have slept a little better.

  8. It is fun to watch them sleeping Tiffany. They look so peaceful-and there’s no attitude!

  9. Thanks all, for your comments. Even as the author of the book, I still check on my kids several times per night! They’re so well-behaved when they sleep…

  10. Thanks for such a wonderful and informative book Nina. If only you had written it a few years ago when my three boys were infants! My guess is I would have had a few more hours of sleep under my belt 🙂

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