April 8th, 2013

Boston Bloggers Unite for Two Fun Events

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Groovy Green Livin Bloggers

There’s something about getting together with other bloggers in real life that makes me smile. For those of you who write for a living, you know that there are times when writing can be a very lonely profession. Given that I lost my blogging buddy last week I’m finding that I need a constant distraction.

I feel very fortunate that there’s a strong community of bloggers in the Boston area, comprised of many articulate men and women sharing their words in a variety of venues. One of my favorite blogging perks is getting together with pieces of this community at really cool events.

Recently I participated in two blogger events worthy of sharing pictures (at least I think so!). Both events were just what I needed to help me smile, connect with some local friends and experience something fantastic fun.

Old Navy Blogger Fashion Show

So. Much. Fun. Our job was to showcase Old Navy’s new line of dresses for spring. Quite a few kids along with their moms were the models. My kids opted to sit in the audience and cheer loudly for their mom. I’ll take that.

Groovy Green Livin bloggers

Here I am with Sharon from umommy and KidNosh and Jessica from Don’t Mind the Mess.

I was lucky enough to walk the runway with the adorable fashion blogger, Alana from The Good Girl Gone Blog. She also happened to organize this event.

Groovy Green Livin bloggers

This is how bloggers and Old Navy staff looked for the ‘crazy’ photo. Pretty crazy, eh??

Groovy Green Livin bloggers

Whole Foods Spring Smoothie Summit

It started off with a simple Tweet and ended up being a great event at Whole Foods in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We went shopping, courtesy of Whole Foods and bought our favorite smoothie ingredients. For those of you who’ve been reading along you know that I’m a huge smoothie junkie. My Instagram feed is full of them. Exciting, I know.

Here’s what made its way into my smoothie. Yes, those are my favorite chia seeds.

Groovy green livin bloggers

It turned into a pretty mauve mix. Thus the name.

Groovy green livin bloggers

Everyone’s smoothie was very unique and super delicious.

Groovy Green Livin bloggers unite

Big shout out to Whole Foods for pulling together such a fantastic event. Some of the lovely bloggers that weren’t mentioned above who are all over these pics are Sharon from ViolaCay, Julia from It’s Not Like a Cat, Emily from Random Recycling, Isra The Frugalette, Niri of Mommy Niri, Leah from Oh Baby Boston, Annmarie from Trendy Mommies, Nicole of Good Golly Miss Blondie, Charlene from Charlene Chronicles, Gilda of Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog, Erika from That’s IT Mommy and Jean The Shopping Queen.

What’s made you smile over the past few days?

Fashion show photos taken by my hubby.

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