August 8th, 2014

Heading Back-to-School With a Little Lunchbox Love

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Groovy Green Livin Back-to-school with Lunchbox Love

Picking out a back-to-school lunch box is underway for many families. Once the lunch box has been selected the next natural step is figuring out what goes inside. There are countless options for reusable containers, reusable napkins and water bottles. There’s one more item to add to that lunch box to make it complete: Lunchbox Love note cards.

Groovy Green Livin Back-to-school Lunchbox Love

As a member of the Lunchbox Love Mom Panel I get first dibs on checking out their new products. Lucky me!

This summer, just in time for back-to-school, Lunchbox Love launched several new lines of note cards while keeping their popular cards and sayings of the past. Every morning it’s so simple to pick a pre-printed Lunchbox Love note and slip it into your child’s lunch box.

Each of the 12 cards per packet is pre-printed with all sorts of inspirational sayings. For example “Always be yourself!” and “Tell yourself you can do it.”  When your child flips the card over they’ll find an interesting piece of trivia or a joke to share with friends at the lunch table.

Here’s a sample piece of trivia: “It’s impossible to sink in the Dead Sea“. Did you know that? I’ve actually swam in the Dead Sea and it’s true. It’s also very hard to swim in the Dead Sea. Floating works the best and it’s a blast!

My favorite new card pack is the Lunchbox Love® for Kids – Volume 68 (Jokes). There’s nothing like having a joke tucked into your lunch box. You’re instantly guaranteed to become the life of the party at the lunch table.

More Exciting Back-to-School Lunchbox Love News

The brand has a whole new look just in time for back-to-school. Lunchbox Love recently relaunched the entire website and blog and it looks great. Check it out HERE.

DisclosureI’m a member of the Lunchbox Love® Mom Panel and am compensated for promoting the company in a variety of ways, including writing posts like this one. All opinions are my very own. 


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