April 18th, 2014

The Boston Marathon, Boston Strong and Stonyfield

Groovy Green Livin Boston Marathon

I will forever remember walking with my family in the San Diego Zoo when I first heard about the Boston Marathon bombings last year.   After that tragic day I knew in my heart that the spirit of Boston would prevail. And it did. Boston is Strong and forever will be. There are different stories about where the phrase “Boston Strong” came from, but regardless of it’s origin it’s become our city. The #BostonStrong hashtag has been used more than 1.5 million times and I’m sure that number will increase exponentially on the day of the Boston Marathon this year. I...

April 17th, 2014

Hey Walgreens, We Still Want Safer Products

Groovy Green Livin Walgreens Mind the Store

Yesterday was a big day. Thousands of people across the nation asked Walgreens to get serious about toxic chemicals. I was one of the thousands. I went to my local Walgreens to ask them to Mind the Store. And this wasn’t my first visit to Walgreens asking that very same question. What is the Mind the Store Campaign? In 2013, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families launched the Mind the Store campaign. The campaign was created to ask our nation’s top ten retailers to avoid carrying the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer,infertility, learning and developmental disabilities, behavioral problems,obesity, diabetes, and asthma. Walgreens, the largest...

April 15th, 2014

Review: Earth Footwear to Walk Your World

Groovy Green Livin Earth Footwear

I’ve been wearing my favorite brown Earth Footwear boots for years. When I chose them I remember thinking they were the coolest boots ever (they are), and noticing that they were incredibly comfortable (they are). When I think of Earth Footwear I always think of comfort first. That must be why they’re marketing their new spring/summer 2014 line of shoes as “stylish and comfortable”. Earth Footwear Fauna Platform Wedge When I was asked to review the Fauna platform wedge from Earth Footwear I jumped. I was curious to see if years after purchasing my beloved Earth Footwear brown boots this...

April 14th, 2014

Take the Pledge to Use Natural Deodorant + a MightyNest Giveaway!

Groovy Green Livin MightyNest Natural Deodorant

Putting toxic chemicals under your arms stinks! That’s why MightyNest, a long time sponsor of this site and an internet retailer of high quality and safe products for our homes and families, asked me to put the natural deodorant, Primal Pit Paste, to the test. Find out why you should choose a natural deodorant, then take the pledge to join me. Your pits will thank you, AND you could win a Happy Pit Pack from MightyNest (valued at over $100.00)! MightyNest, Your School and an Earth Day Challenge Before we jump into why natural deodorants are so important I wanted to...

April 9th, 2014

Green Pots and Pans: Introducing 360 Cookware

Groovy Green Livin Green Cookware

Over the years I’ve been searching for safe and non-toxic cookware. Despite the ease and convenience of non-stick pots and pans such as Teflon, many health conscious people (including me!) are tossing their non-stick and replacing them with healthier options. I’ve always been a stainless steel fan. Much of my cookware is stainless steel and I’ve recently added a few cast iron pieces to our kitchen. When 360 Cookware asked me to test out a piece of their stainless steel cookware I was intrigued. They sent me a one quart saucepan for review. What is 360 Cookware? Their cookware is...

April 7th, 2014

How to Give Your Kitchen a Green Makeover (VIDEO)

Groovy Green Livin Green Makeover

A few weeks ago I traveled to New York City to film a video on how to give your kitchen a green makeover for Manilla. The video is ready and I want you to be the first to see it. Get ready for the Manilla Makeover: Green Kitchen Edition! Green Makeover Kitchen Edition Before you settle in to watch the 4 minute video, filled with simple tips to make your kitchen a bit greener, here’s a bit of background. I was asked, as Manilla’s Green Living Expert, to give a green makeover to a college student’s apartment that was a complete ‘green’ disaster. Annie...

April 3rd, 2014

Cell Phone Use While Driving is Out of Control

Groovy Green Livin Cell Phone Use While Driving

My cell phone sits in the cup holder next to my seat when I’m driving. Ready for use, if need be.  Yesterday I was driving a car full of boys to soccer practice and I noticed a car to my right. It was swerving. My instinct was to get as far away from it as possible. As I was passing by to pull out in front I happened to glance inside the other car. The driver was probably around 20 years old and he was clearly looking down at his cell phone while driving. A million thoughts went through my...


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