January 22nd, 2013

5 Foods My Kids Can Cook and So Can Yours!

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5 Foods My Kids Can Cook and So Can Yours! Groovy Green Livin

I love to cook.  My husband also loves to cook. If we had all the time in the world I’m positive we would make some pretty interesting creations. For now we stick to healthy, standard fare that our three boys will usually eat without much complaining.

Allowing my kids to be active participants in the cooking process has always been important to me. They stir, they pour and they help in every way possible. My earliest recollection of them cooking dates back to their years in preschool when they had a weekly baking or cooking activity.

All three boys (12, 11 and 9) continue to express an interest in cooking. I’ve spent much time fostering their love of cooking through deep breathing and overlooking sauce, flour, sugar and other ingredients that cover my walls and floors as well as their little bodies and faces. Kids just aren’t neat when they cook.

So their cooking creations continue. My kids now have 5 specialties that they claim to have perfected over the years.

Scrambled Eggs

According to my three boys, the trick to making the perfect scrambled eggs is using a stainless steel or cast iron pan and not cooking them too long.  Yellow with no brown is perfection. We use organic eggs when we can, rice milk or almond milk and olive oil instead of butter.

Groovy Green Livin cook scrambled eggs

French Toast

French toast with a little vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and berries make it a special treat. Hands down the best french toast is made with challah. HERE’s a great recipe for Challah French Toast (we use rice or almond milk instead of dairy).

Groovy Green Livin cook french toast


My 12 year old saw a recipe for tabbouleh and decided he wanted to make it this weekend. After a trip to the supermarket and 2 hours of chopping and dicing he did it. The adults all thought it was fabulous, but he didn’t like it as much as we did. Needless to say, I was an impressed mommy. The recipe he used was very simple with few ingredients. The prep took a lot of time and patience.

Groovy Green Livin Tabbouleh

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is where it gets ugly in the kitchen. Imagine flour flying everywhere and more chips on the floor and in their mouths than in the batter. It’s all well worth it for the prize at the end.

Groovy Green Livin cook cookies


Our favorite way to prepare tofu is to cube it and add it to a wok with a little soy sauce. That’s it.

Groovy Green Livin tofu

What do your kids love to cook?


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14 Responses to “5 Foods My Kids Can Cook and So Can Yours!”

  1. My pre-schooler loves to help me cook. Homemade pizza and smoothies top the list. Got to start somewhere!
    Kim @ The Soulicious Life recently posted..Making Time for ExerciseMy Profile

  2. This is a great reminder that I really need to get the kids involved in helping cook.
    Great job teaching the boys to cook! And I am SO impressed with all that chopping for the tabbouleh.

  3. That Tabouleh looks very yummy!

  4. Oh this is so much fun! My 14 year old, Nick, loves to cook, too. We need to do it more often, though, because it really is a special time. P.S. Please tell your boys they can make me some french toast or cookies ANY time!
    Cathy recently posted..Walt Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant {Review}My Profile

  5. It’s hard to make the time to cook with kids-many times I just want to get it done quickly and that doesn’t happen with them! We’ll send some french toast and cookies your way.

  6. I still can’t believe he made it from scratch Stephanie! It was delicious.

  7. Hi Kim, homemade pizza is the best! Smoothies aren’t so bad either.

  8. It was a lot of chopping Marsha. I was amazed at his patience. Yes, get those kiddies cooking!

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