July 1st, 2013

5 Fabulous Beach Bags

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Groovy Green Livin Beach Bag

Every summer I struggle with finding the perfect beach bag. Truth be told the real issue is finding a bag big enough to carry all of our stuff. 5 towels and snacks for the entire day are enough to generally fill up the entire bag without room for anything else. Yes, I know my kids could each carry their own, but we have our routine and they help in other ways. So onto finding a big enough beach bag. I’ve searched long and hard and have found a few that fit the bill. Here’s to finding your perfect beach bag.

SnapSac Mega Tote
Groovy Green Livin beach bag

I’ve written about SnapSac before and I still love their bags. I’ve been using my SnapSac Mega Tote this summer and it’s perfect for the beach. The beach bag is huge -it is 28″ wide. There’s one small pocket for keys and other items that could get swallowed into this large bag. My only complaint-I wish it had more pockets and compartments. The bags comes in array of different, funky patterns and folds neatly into a clutch shape when you’re ready to store it. Best of all-it can be thrown into your washing machine.

Price: $12.99

Scout Deano Tote

Groovy Green Livin beach bagThis bag is basically indestructible. It’s also huge, coming in at 19 in.(W) x15 in.(H) x10 in.(D). My favorite feature-the bag is water resistant, which certainly comes in handy at the beach or pool. It comes in a variety of cute and stylish patterns.

Price: $37.50

Everything Bag/Seatbelt Tote of Many Colors

Groovy Green Livin Beach BagThis bag is made of super durable recycled seat belt webbing. It is called the Everything Bag for a reason-it’s 23” wide x 15″ high x 9″ deep and can truly hold it all! As stated on the BagInspiration site:

Worldwide demand for autos has left behind an abundance of seat belt webbing, rejected for the slightest color variation. Originally designed to be used as the life saving seat belt in your car, this polyester material is of the highest quality and made to last. Maggie Bags™ give new life to the unwanted fabric by creating a beautiful line of sophisticated handbags.

Price: $58.00

Whale (Really Big) Large Mesh Family Beach Bag

Groovy Green Livin beach bag
If mesh and lots of compartments are your thing then this is your bag. It may not be as stylish as the other bags on this list, but this beach bag is a good size, 16″ x 15″ x 8 ”  and has 8 large compartments on the exterior. Another fabulous feature-the bag is waterproof and can be rinsed after use.  In addition to the exterior compartments there’s a zipper pocket and D-ring on the inside of the bag.

Price: $23.99

LeSportsac Reversible Beach Tote

Groovy Green Livin beach bag
LeSportsac‘s been around forever and there’s a reason why. These beach bags are incredibly durable. I’m embarrassed to admit that I still have a LeSportSac bag that was given to me when I was in high school. This beach bag may not be as big as some of the others on this list (9 H x 10 W x 4.5 D), but it has a few other features that are really nice. This bag is reversible-so you’ll get two looks for the price of one. It is also incredibly light weight and can be thrown in the wash when needed. There are a few colors to choose from. It’s not inexpensive, but it will last you a lifetime.

Price: $98.00

What’s your favorite bag to carry to the beach?

A special thank you to my model, Renee.

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13 Responses to “5 Fabulous Beach Bags”

  1. I struggle with this too! Something big enough to fit everything but that I can still carry without falling over! I have been using a huge LL Bean canvas tote my mother in law got me for years. It’s great, but difficult to wash. I LOVE the seat belt bag! What A great idea.
    Kristina (The Greening Of Westford) recently posted..Comment on What To Do With My Old Cell Phone? by http://www.soulfullab.comMy Profile

  2. Fun post! I’ve actually wanted a new beach bag for a while now but I end up always using my old one! Loving the recycled seat belt bag so maybe it’s time for me to splurge on a new one!
    Robin recently posted..DIY Mojito Body PolishMy Profile

  3. Oh no! This is very very bad!! I live them all! I’m a big fan of Le Sport Sac too and they last for a long time. I like up get them on sale at Nordstrom Rack or Marshall’s

  4. I really love the canvas bags from LLBean I have them in different sizes they are so durable and washable.
    Leigh from Green-4-u.com recently posted..Comment on 6 Simple Detox Tips by michelleMy Profile

  5. I am a big fan of large totes for summer and beach outings. The large Whale Bag with lots of compartments is perfect for my needs. But I also like the recycled Seatbelt tote for ecofriendly reasons!

  6. I am using a large zippered top bag from One Step Head I got last year. It’s nylon so it’s not too heavy even after I stuff it. Tons of pockets too. I have a cute Scout bag cooler I love.
    Emily @Random Recycling recently posted..Baby’s First Beach TripMy Profile

  7. I’ll have to check out One Step Head- did you mean One Step Ahead Emily? I used to shop there too when my kids were infants. I really like having different compartments so I feel somewhat organized.

  8. Isn’t the recycled seat belt bag awesome Robin??!! There are so many great bags to choose from.

  9. I like both of those too Deborah. I’m a fan of pockets and compartments to store everything.

  10. I’ve had quite a few LLBean bags Leigh. My kids used them for preschool. Those bags could last through anything!

  11. Good to know Leah-I didn’t realize Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s carried Le Sport Sac.

  12. So true Kristina-sometimes those bags get so incredibly heavy. Isn’t the seat belt bag awesome?!

  13. […] that tote bag with books of all kinds. Try to choose books that your child hasn’t seen in a while. My kids […]

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