February 27th, 2013

My Picks for Non-Toxic Body Lotions

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Groovy Green Livin Body Lotions

Keeping in mind that our skin is our largest organ and happily soaks up toxic chemicals from all those products we are placing on our bodies, my quest to find a safe lotion was top priority. Using EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database as my guide I managed to find a few body lotions that passed the non-toxic test and have helped to keep my skin happy all winter.

My Picks for Non-Toxic Body Lotions

Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother (Unscented) Groovy Green Livin Emily body lotion
This lotion is the absolute best for eczema. It was originally formulated for the company owner’s infant, Emily. There are are 5 natural, high quality ingredients. Nothing Else. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database has rated this product a zero (out of a scale of 0-10 for low to high risk)! After rubbing it on my son’s dry skin I use it on my hands. There is virtually no scent. Love this stuff.

Dolphin Organics Hypoallergenic Simply Citrus Body Lotion
Groovy Green Livin Dolphin Organics body lotion
Dolphin Organics line of products is marketed as ‘kids body care’ products, but our entire family uses them. The lotion is fantastic-wonderful scent and really does the job with no sticky leftovers. The lotion is somewhat thick so not a lot is needed for each application. This lotion was rated a one (zero being the least toxic) by Skin Deep.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion

Groovy Green Livin Earth Mama Angel Baby body lotionThis is another great non-toxic body lotion option that’s not just for babies. I actually use this on my face. It’s a tiny bit greasy, but at night it works well. It has a light vanilla orange scent that isn’t overpowering. The lotion is NSF certified for containing organic ingredients. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database has rated this product a zero (out of a scale of 0-10 for low to high risk).

Tata Harper Reparative MoisturizerGroovy Green Livin Tata Harper body lotion
If you are prepared to fork over a few bucks Tata Harper is well worth the investment. I use this lotion only on my face since I’m trying to conserve the lotion and the container is relatively small. My kids don’t get to touch this one! The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database has rated this product a two (out of a scale of 0-10 for low to high risk).

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Sheer MoisturizerGroovy Green Livin Juice Beauty body lotion

I reviewed Juice Beauty products a while back and was excited to discover that their moisturizer contained sun protection. This moisturizer blends chemical-free broad specturm SPF 30, and antioxidant rich grape, aloe and pomegranate juices for all skin types. It’s best used on your face and neck. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database has rated this product a three (out of a scale of 0-10 for low to high risk).

What body lotions do you use?

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made using the links will put a few pennies in my pockets. Thank you! All opinions are my very own.

61 Responses to “My Picks for Non-Toxic Body Lotions”

  1. There are a couple of lotions here that I had never heard of – so thanks for the introduction! I’d love to try the Tata Harper – guess I’ll start saving my pennies! 🙂
    Micaela @MindfulMomma recently posted..How to Choose an Indoor Compost BucketMy Profile

  2. I actually make my own- either coconut oil or a whipped body butter. but then, i really really need intense moisture all year round since I have dry, sensitive skin 🙂
    EcoYogini recently posted..My Inner Speech Therapist Hates Colours and NumbersMy Profile

  3. I really loved this article! Since switching over to all natural products I have been having a hard time finding commercial moisturizing products. I really wanted to embrace the raw coconut oil thing… My skin unfortunately doesn’t seem to love it. I think I will check out the Emily lotion for hands and body. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great facial moisturizer? I’m looking for something for sensitive skin. My facial skin is super finicky. I have very dry, flaky yet acne prone skin with visible pores and signs of aging. Hm… Maybe I’m asking for too much? Lol. Any advice is greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Thank you Ashley. Funny that you mention coconut oil-I have a big jar in my cabinet and I keep forgetting to use it. I really like Emily and it’s helped my son’s eczema. Juice Beauty and Tata Harper are both really for your face. Maybe try them and see what you think. Juice Beauty is much more reasonably priced and they also have an entire line of products for sensitive and aging skin. Let me know what you find.

  5. Hi Micaela, I really like Tata Harper and a little goes a long way. You introduced me to Juice Beauty so I know you are familiar with that brand!

  6. How do you make your moisturizer with coconut oil? If it’s simple I might give it a shot.

  7. I like Alba Botanica Very Emollient Unscented Body Lotion for all over lotion and Desert Essence Organics Coconut Hand and Body Lotion for yummy, smell good lotion 🙂
    Elisabeth@SimplyParkers recently posted..Best of Simply Parkers 2012My Profile

  8. personally nothing beats an organic body oil for moisture. Taking a supplement of evening primrose oil can also help skin being less dry
    Annabelle Randles recently posted..New Mother’s Day Bouquet – Spring Daffodils Limited EditionMy Profile

  9. In response to Ashley’s comment, I have the same skin type. Dry yet acne prone–such a joy to deal with! I’ve started using argan oil on my face and it’s made a huge difference. I have a feeling that coconut oil would clog my pores, but the argan oil is very light and absorbs well. I don’t use any other product on my face anymore, just wash it with tea tree oil soap & moisturize with argan oil and the dry patches are gone, and the breakouts are finally under control. It’s great!
    Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies recently posted..Recipe | Seitan Cacciatore (and a little bit about seitan)My Profile

  10. Thanks for the information. I hadn’t heard of any of these. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, so most skin care can give me bad reactions. The skin care I use (with no reactions) is from Beyond Organic. They use all organic ingredients and are 100% certified toxic-free. Here’s information: http://livingnatural.mybeyondorganic.com/Products_SkinAndBodyOverview.aspx

  11. I usually make my own too, but at times need something more convenient or more lotion-y. Emily sounds like it would be great for my son! I use coconut oil for the most part – just take your coconut oil and whip it with a hand (or stand) mixer. You can add some vitamin E or other oil to make it a little softer if you want, but that is it! I sometimes find it easier to whip if I melt it first, then whip as it cools and hardens.
    Kristina (The Greening Of Westford) recently posted..7 Ways My Smart Phone Saves PaperMy Profile

  12. I use Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. All products are a 0 or 1. Can’t beat it!

  13. I use Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. Amazing products, great prices and they all last such a long time so no need to stock up all the time!

  14. The body lotion by Acure is ahhhh-mazing.
    Kathy recently posted..KIWIshop OnlineMy Profile

  15. I like Seed lotions and body creams — really simple formulas that are affordable and work nicely. When I want something with more fragrance, I pick something from 100% Pure, which has a shop not too far from where I live. I use straight shea butter / coconut oil on my hands after pottery sometimes because they get so dry, but straight fats definitely take longer to absorb and leave my skin shiny.
    Jennifer @noteasy2begreen recently posted..DIY: Sew Your Own Cloth PantilinersMy Profile

  16. I’ll have to check out 100% Pure Jennifer. I have to admit that I can’t stand when something really oily is on my hands. Probably because I’m on my laptop all day! I’m sure they would work the best.

  17. I’ll have to check out Acure Kathy. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for letting me know Carrie. I’ve never tried Ava Anderson products.

  19. Hi Kristina, Emily is sold at WF in case you want to try it. Thanks for the tips on using coconut oil. Someday maybe I’ll try it!

  20. Hi Teresa, Thanks for the info on Beyond Organics. I’ll have to check it out. It’s always nice to find a product that actually works and is safe!

  21. Thanks Annabelle. The supplement tip of primrose oil is something I might try.

  22. Thanks for sharing Elisabeth. I definitely need a yummy, smell good lotion!

  23. LOVE products by Benedetta! Even just the geranium rosemary cleanser leaves facial skin SO soft.

  24. I’ve been using Nourish Organic Fresh Fig lately. Smells wonderful, absorbs quickly, and moisturizes well.

  25. Thanks for the list. I buy Clayburn comfort soap’s lotions (available online and in the BC store). Have used them for the last 4 years and find I don’t have to moisturize as often now. The 3 in 1 travel shampoo/body bar is fantastic. No chemical fragrances used in any of her products. The Zinc cream in the baby section heals blemishes in no time. It also worked on neighbour’s granddaughter’s teething rash overnight. I have slowly replaced all my soaps and lotions to this line.

  26. Hi Sharon, Thanks for the Clayburn suggestion. I’ve never heard of the brand. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  27. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the suggestion. Another brand I haven’t heard of. This post is making me realize that there are so many fantastic brands out there with safe ingredients.

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  29. My favorite moisturizing cream is by Tropical Traditions (Lavender).


  30. I’m in LOVE with my Poofy Organics personal care products. They are handmade in small batches at their USDA Organic certified facility in New Jersey. The ingredients are simple and clean. The products are decadent and of high quality. I was so impressed, I decided to join in their mission of educating people and providing quality products at affordable prices. Check them out at http://mypoofyorganics.com/valerieveen Diva #2122 Thanks for taking a look!

  31. Hi Valerie, I’ve used Poofy Organics many times over the years and really love their products. Thanks for reminding me!

  32. I used to make my own lotion also because I have very sensitive skin, but I found that water free formulas were very greasy and got all over my clothes and that including water made it too susceptible to bacteria growth. I finally found a brand that is non toxic and actually worked for my super dry skin. http://bit.ly/1gv1IzO. They also make a fantastic cleanser!

  33. What brand did you find CJ? Thanks!

  34. I love Miessence, and not just because I sell it (full disclosure). But they really are the best products I’ve used, and as a beauty writer & editor, I’ve tried a lot. They were the first company in the world to become certified organic to food-grade standards setting the tone for the rest of the industry. The products are really spa quality.

    And the best part? I’m 40, and was recently told I have perfect skin 😉

  35. Thanks so much for these options. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to ‘make’ my lotions 🙂 and need to make a purchase. Have you also checked out Norwex’s line of skin care (full disclosure: I am a consultant)? With a mission to improve our quality of life by reducing harmful chemicals in our cleaning and skin care.. they do an awesome job! I’d be happy to send you some if you are interested.

  36. I love the New 100% organic, 100% toxic free products from Mommys Club. The Lavendar Lotion and Shampoo are not just for babies! I even got my husband using them too. A little goes a long way, leaves skin silky smooth and hair squeaky clean. Best part, Affordable! I joined the club, $39 and the products are $10.95 member price. And Mommys Club pays 10% back when some one I refer buys product too! Win win:-)

  37. What about lotion in non-toxic containers–not plastic!! How about glass jars/bottles?

  38. More options for Non toxic Facial Moisurizers

  39. Great list!!! for my face, I can’t say enough about Acure Argan Oil. It’s one product I wouldn’t live without – has changed my skin so much, and costs under $15 🙂 I also love Acure’s other moisturizers, as well as 100% Pure. Enjoy!! http://live-clear.com

  40. Thanks for this list, Lori! I really need lotion year round and haven’t taken the time to figure out nontoxic alternatives. Do you have any to add to your list now, after all these recommendations from others? Which ones can I get locally in or near Bedford? Thanks!!

  41. Hey Meighan! There are so many great suggestions in the comments. I have so many new options to try. Most of the recommendations on my list can be purchased at our local WF. We really love Emily lotion for extreme dry skin. Let me know what you find.

  42. I keep EMAB on my desk at work and people are always trying it out and commenting on the lovely smell! I like rubbing it on my neck area since I don’t wear perfume!

    I also really like Ella’s Botanicals which is a Toronto company that hand makes a nice lotion called Magic Balm which is great for dry skin!

    I want to try out some of these lotions you listed!
    Sara Vartanian recently posted..Greenbelt 101My Profile

  43. Another awesome one that is new since you made this list is Hydrate by Beautycounter, a company that launched in March 2013. Full disclosure, I loved it so much I am a rep. I have been nontoxic blogging for many years and this is the first brand that–for me–got the aesthetic, safety and efficacy all right! Anyway, please let me know if you’d like any samples, Lori. Enjoy your blog!

  44. Thanks for the info Dori. I’ll have to check out Hydrate!

  45. The only lotion I have ever found that is synthetic free- and no preservatives is Gemstone Organic. It’s actually raw! no alcohols so its super moisturizing. and within a few days my skin was firm and plump! loving it.

    skip the organic chemicals. go for the real deal.

  46. Thoughts on The Honest Company lotions and their other products?

  47. Great question Amy. I haven’t tried many of their products-not for any particular reason. I just bought my son their toothpaste. Happy to take a look at a specific product for you if you have one in mind.

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  49. I love Alaffia products! Fair trade, limited ingredients, and their proceeds go toward services in Togo.

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  51. I’m a total convert to Made From Earth skin care products. For years I was seduced by the belief the more money I spent the better results I’d get… Wrong! I tweet about High Street fashion & beauty so Made From Earth products caught my eye about a year ago and now I’m a total convert. I have noticed a massive difference to my skin /lips /body and my bank balance as they are brilliantly affordable but seem to use very good ingredients

  52. I also use Made From the Earth products. I have been using their Valencia Orange Body Lotion – its smells so good! I will trysome of the products you reocmmended as well. Thank you!

  53. I love The Honest Company products!

  54. This is an awesome list. I checked with EWG once again, along with Amazon experiences to come to a conclusion for my body lotion during my detox stage. Thank you so much for great and useful information. I have decided to go with Earth Mama, another scent though.
    I use the Honest Company shampoo/bodywash. It doesn’t detangle my hair, very minimal scent and it works fine. The Honest brand sunblock is super oily, super runny and it smells. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  55. Yes, so do I. Made from Earth has the best organic products I have used, and I am so happy the Whole Foods by me finally carries their products !

  56. Thank you for the advice on made from earth. after reading this thread, I ordered the Valencia Orange Lotion and I have to be honest – I have always had so many compliments on how good I smell and it’s the lotion.

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